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  1. I am usually not bothered by the snow, rain is a pain!
  2. Santa and deer went up on roof today. Too many years I waited and had to go up on roof in snow......
  3. I bought two of the green soldiers today. Interestingly I tried to buy them online and they accepted my pick up order and cancelled it three days later as unavailable. When I went to the store I was to pick them up at they had 3!
  4. I use colored electric tape for length, use 5 gallon buckets to store and velcro ties to bundle at the end of the year. I do not label where anythng goes as every year is a different set up as I keep adding! I make some from SP1 as needed and also make "mini" cord by cutting the ends off of old light sets I am getting rid of and using soldier and shrink tubing turn them into small extensions for those times a single decoration needs a slight extension to reach a plug junction.
  5. The green ones are 90 online also......
  6. timpwk

    GFP Closing

    Was at a local garden center today for their 60% off sale. The manager of the store saw me with my card load of blow molds and I mentined to her that I thought it was the last chance to get them with the closing of GF. She told me that their supplier just informed them that there was a buyer for the GF molds and he expected to sell them blow molds for next Christmas. She said if she got further info she would post it on their web site. Do not know if anyone else is hearing this rumor.....
  7. I had luck last year using a mix of fabric softer and water. Worked well, but needed to be reapplied after rain.
  8. If you do not have the funds for a PC you could always make a windows partition on your MAC HD.
  9. Probably another person trolling the prices on ebay and adding a few more bucks to their sale price. Watch ebay for a while and you see the same things constantly relisted at insane prices over and over again without selling.
  10. Thanks for the post Giga, went to mine and scored some red LEDs and some sets of 35 multi LEDs for my 24' pathway trees!
  11. Have you tried using the LED keeper? Twice this year I had the same issue you describe with LED icicle lights and the keeper helped me locate and replace the bad bulb in less than 5 minutes. If your bulbs are sealed the keeper comes with pods you can use to fill in for the bulb you need to cut out.
  12. Try reading the below: http://www.holidayleds.com/are_your_c9_leds_bright_incandescent It may be that each bulb is pulling almost 1 watt each, which is way higher than the "traditional" LED lights which pull around .09. That may explain the two set limit, which would factor in the watts used by the set and gauge of the wire. There are many people way smarter on this then me, so maybe someone else can give you a more thorough understanding. The good news is that these sets will be much brighter! We offer two kinds of C9 LED Christmas lights: 1) the prelamped C9 strings with n
  13. I went to my target and all they had left was Justin Beiber wrapping paper! Good find aja123
  14. I also use many "indoor" trees outside. Just picked up three 6 footers at walmart for $5 a piece. I stay away from pre lit as in my experience trouble shooting the lighting on them is a real pain. Never tried any of the LED pre lits though.
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