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  1. I live in Fair lakes area and dont have a way to get to Glen Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have always liked looking at Blinky Christmas Light Displays, but Ever since going to Bengies Drive-in Movie in 2009 and Stephens city Family Drive-in 2011, im also curious about AM/FM Transmiters!!!!!
  3. I am hoping to get a job later this year so i can save up lots of Money to buy the AM/FM Transmit, Blue dancing Arch lights adnwhatever else i would need for the 2014 or 2015 Christmas Light Display i would want to create/make!!!???
  4. My name is Betsie. I enjoy looking at Christmas Lights during Christmas time!! And listening to Christmas Music!!!! I alsoe like Anime/Manga and Japanese Culture stuff!!!
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