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  1. Has anyone heard of "My Favourite Time of Year" by The Florin Street Band? I found it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H10f2w7T5CU It wouldn't make a good light sequencing song. But, it has a very nice Christmas feel. If anyone is looking to add a new song to their Christmas music library, you should definitely check out this one. The artist independently produced the music which has a rich, multi-layered sound. The video also looks like a big-budget production. Check it out and let me know what you think. BTW, I'm not associated with the band, other than being a new fan. Tom
  2. Wow, if that's what their Christmas stuff looks like, then I'm guessing their Halloween items would give me nightmares. I hope I don't accidentally stumble across their website. There are some things you just can't 'un-see' (like that elf). You know what I mean? But, I can certainly understand why they are 'one of the leading Halloween animatronic producers'.
  3. Thanks, gmac. I had some more questions regarding projectors in general, but rather than hijack this thread, I started a new thread for my projector questions (
  4. A few years ago, I bought a 'Sharper Image Entertainment Projector' with a Virtual Santa Package from ChristmasLightShow.com. I consider it money well spent and it is the #1 thing people comment about. I use the projector for Halloween and Christmas with various videos. I am looking to upgrade my projector and was wondering if anyone could offer advice on various features that may/may not be needed on a projector that is used for this application. For my current projecter (Sharper Image Entertainment Projector): http://www.amazon.com/Sharper-Image-Entertainment-Projector/dp/B0030LYGRO Pro's: 1) low cost 2) replacement bulb is low cost and easy to find Con's: 1) the resolution is low (600 x 240) 2) the brightness is low (I couldn't find an output spec) Specifically, I am looking to get a brighter projecter. I was thinking that I need something with at least 2500 lumens. Can anyone comment on whether or not 2500 lumens works for them? One feature that was pointed out by jerrymac and gmac is the autoshut-off feature found on the Epson Model EX3210 (in this ). I think this would be an extremely useful feature. Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi Clyde, very informative video. Just one comment (not intended to be negative).... By leaving the the bulbs in-place, aren't you depending on the bulb's shunt resistor to carry the current? If so, it is worth pointing out that a very small amount of power will be used on each 'dead' bulb. It is probably not enough to be concerned about, but if you have 100's or 1,000's of these, it adds up to something measureable (but, still relatively small).
  6. A week or two ago, I ordered a few items from bronners.com. One of the items was a '13 7/8" x 13 7/8" Bronner's Gift Box'. It turned out that the gift box fit just perfectly inside of the shipping box. However, the shipping box was dented during transport, which caused the gift box to be dented, too. The gift box cost about $4 and the dent wasn't too bad, so I decided I could live with it. Well, a few days later, Bronner's sent me a customer survey. In the comments section of the survey, I explained what happened to the gift box and suggested that they pack the gift box at an angle or some way where it is not pressing up against all 4 sides of the shipping box. A response was sent back to me so quickly that I assumed it was just an auto-reply to indicate that the survey had been submitted. It was from a Bronner's customer service rep, who said they were sorry for the damaged item and they would notify the shipping supervisors. They shipped out a replacement gift box the same day. I was very impressed. I didn't think companies actually read those comments. I wasn't upset about the gift box, but I was happy to see them make an effort to ensure I was ~COMPLETELY~ satisfied.
  7. My wife and I are excited to announce the birth of our daughter. She was born on her due-date, which ironically, is fairly rare (at least that is what I was told). Thankfully, the baby and my wife had a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Plus, I was finally able to talk my wife into using one of my name choices. Holly Noelle Pokusa Born: July 7, 2012 7lbs, 4oz., 20.25 inches Little sister to Savannah (8 years old), Thomas (6 years old), and Bradley (3 years old). Dear Santa, please bring me three hours of continuous sleep.
  8. Hi Tim, Does the projector have an owner's manual? There are usually specifications that list the operating temperature (and sometimes the storage temperature) and humidity limits. Given that metal halide lamps operate at such extreme temperatures, it doesn't seem like chilly outdoor temps would affect it that much. But other projector components may not be up to the task (is it an LCD projector?) This may not apply to your case, but here is what I saw on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_halide_lamp#Starting_and_warm_up
  9. Is there a 'Best Stories Of Planet Christmas' category? If so, I nominate this one.
  10. Thanks for links/info! Brad, that guy does seem to be 'eccentric', to put it mildly. Scot, I can't wait to see the Rockin' Claus's. Gary, I've seen the flying Santa previously, but it still amazes every time. Thanks!
  11. I love seeing stuff move. Anytime I see a homemade train or ferris wheel, I have to stop and take a look. I was wondering if anyone has built a Christmas 'robot' that would be considered unusual. Several years ago, I read an article based on author's recollection of his childhood. I can't remember any details about the story, but basically, the author and his friends were always excited to see what kind of new machine would show up in the yard of this 'eccentric old guy'. I remember the article saying something about how everything seemed to be made from stuff you may find around your home, like a mixer, bowl, utensils, etc. I believe the machines didn't really have anything to do with Christmas, but I think a new one would appear every year around Christmas time. <I wish I could find that article again.>
  12. Cool! I'd love to hear the interview, but I'll be driving to work at that time. Is there any way you could record it and make it available for download. Good luck!
  13. Thank you Michelle and Kevin. The Mini really had the 'feel' of Christmas with the decorations, music, food, and good company. I learned a lot from the presentations and I especially liked it when the presenters shared their learning experiences of trial and error. I loved the location and was blown away by how everything was so nice. Its obvious that you guys (and many others) put a lot of effort into making the event memorable. Thanks!!!
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