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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3ddiudMl8w This is a video I created. Please tell me if you like it!
  2. No seriously! I heard that when I was talking to them! They told me that specifically!
  3. When I spoke to someone in the company, they said specifically that sales and demand has nothing to do with it! They've been selling their products very well in stores. They only thing is that the investors decided not to invest with them. If the company has lasted for 60+ years, that means they've done very well. That's what I heard when I was talking with them!
  4. Please let me know what the truth its!
  5. I do know that the Tarboro location is permanently closed. Norfolk, VA is still there. I do know that the investors who invested with GF decided to invest somewhere else. Demand and Sales has nothing to do with the reason they closed the Tarboro location. Who bought some of their molds!
  6. That's good news. What's the name of the company? I haven't heard any announcement saying that GF is completely closing at all. The latest I read on Google is that they're finding a buyer. I also read that GF wasn't closing because of the demand. It was because the investors decided to stop investing with them. When my father spoke to GF Customer's Service, they said that they're looking for a buyer. The website is still up. The catalog is still the same. That's good to know! If GF stops manufacturing certain molds, I'll manufacture them. That's because I'm going to start a blow mold business and manufacture discontinued blow molds. I know that they'll sell!
  7. I don't know why it hasn't been updated. I guess they haven't found a buyer. I do know that they hired a finance company to help them find one!
  8. Let's remain hopeful that they find a buyer! The website is still what it is. That hasn't changed. Maybe they'll find a buyer! Meaning?
  9. Hello Everybody. I've heard no updates from General Foam. I've gone to the GF website. It's still the same. There are no updates. The website doesn't say GFP closing. Maybe things have changed. The General Foam blow mold catalog is the same. Let's still remain hopeful they find a buyer. In fact, I'm planning to start a blow mold business myself with other partners. I know that I'll succeed.
  10. Well, I remain the same way. We just don't know who'll purchase them. Blow molds are definitely popular. They're better than inflatables! My guess is that the finance company is doing the work for them too!
  11. I found out that they hired a finance company to help them find a buyer. They want to please their customers. They know that customers will be very upset if they close completely. They don't really want to layoff their current employees. They want to stay open and continue. If a new company buys them, either the company name will change or it will continue to be GFP. I have a feeling that they'll find a buyer. What do you think?
  12. Listen up everybody. I found out what the truth about GFP closing is. They told me that sales and demand has nothing to do with it. Their sales have been doing very well as well as the demand. They know that a lot of people like their products. I'm praying for them to find a new company. I think Cado will buy all the pieces. Cado is open to new ideas and suggestions. They own all of Union and TPI blow molds too! GFP expanded too rapidly. Call GFP customer service at 1-855-277-0085. We should contact them and tell them that this isn't good.
  13. I really love that TPI snowman with the green hat. He looks so cute. I like that patriotic snowman too(the one with a blue carrot). He holds a broom in one hand and a pipe in the other. I saw the Empire Santa with a dog in his green bag. I have that blow mold too.
  14. That should definitely help them to bring back the two TPI snowmen with green hats.
  15. The Petition that I created to bring back certain TPI blow molds are being sent to Nu-Dell and General Foam.
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