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  1. Thank you very much everybody. Do you support my blow mold petition for the molds to be brought back?
  2. I finished a blow mold that I was repainting. I even sprayed the sealer and glued the carrot on him. See attachements.
  3. They're very flimsy and breakable! Blow molds are much better. They last longer.
  4. Here's another idea. The snowman blow molds that were made by TPI don't have to be made exactly the same way by GF. We can ask them to make some changes to it.
  5. Inflatables break easily. This is why blow molds should come back. Inflatables are just a waste of energy.
  6. Well, I think that a couple of the old TPI blow molds shall be brought back. GF should make them. THey make some of the Empire blow molds.
  7. Well, blow molds are starting to come back in fashion. Some of the GF looks a little bit like the TPI.
  8. I really don't mean to post it too much. Well, I'll write to GF before sending the petition. They'll probably think about it perhaps. It may sell again.
  9. These two blow molds shall be made again and added to their catalog. That's because the TPI company has gone out of business. The company has probably expired Look at the following snowmen.
  10. What kind of paint did you use? I've used Patio Paint to repaint my snowman. I used the patio paint and then used the sealer.
  11. Wait a minute. Blow molds are starting to come back in fashion. I've noticed that a lot of people are tired of the inflatables and the staggering prices. I suppose people are buying the old ones off of e-bay. That's the case. I'm dead serious about it. I won't say that General Foam won't make it. They would be more than happy because it's their job.
  12. Well, we can ask General Foam to make them. I'm sure that they'll sell again. After all, if it's General Foam's job to make blow molds. They may be more than happy to do it. The patent on these blow molds has expired now.
  13. http://www.change.or...ow-mold-figures This is the petition.
  14. http://www.change.or...ow-mold-figures This is a petition, which I want people to sign. Click on it and sign. At least these two blow molds should be brought back.
  15. Look at this petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/blow-molds-r-us-get-the-plastic-blow-mold-figures-custom-made?share_id=HsiYbXNMCX&utm_campaign=friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=permissions_dialog_true
  16. I welcome everybody else to sign this petition. Please come and help me out
  17. Thank you. Can we ask other members to sign this petition too? Can you help me out with that?
  18. I have a petition. I posted it today
  19. Please take a look at the following petition and sign it: http://www.change.org/petitions/bring-back-the-plastic-blow-mold-figures
  20. How do I get a replacement carrot for a 41" plastic blow mold snowman to fit into the nose. Does the carrot need a screw?
  21. Can I get a custom made blow mold snowman for Christmas Decorations. Can I have made like the one that TPI Plastics made?

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