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  1. Finally done for the year. I have changed it up a little since I made this video. I turned off the controller for the mini trees and the posts on the porch. It just looked a little to busy for me so now they are static and the only thing on controllers are the ball tree and arches.
  2. They are pretty nice, I have two on that tree because its so big. You want to have a dark area for it to really show up.
  3. Home Depot had 100ct for $5.50 and 50ct for $3.00 plus Military discount made out pretty good.
  4. Are you panning on having C7 retro fit bulbs anytime soon?
  5. Next year I hope to get them on all the poles on the porch
  6. I wish I had more trees and snow in my yard. Your lights look great.
  7. Here is a way I came up to add lights to the posts I have on my front porch without having to nail or screw into the posts. I start with a 1X6 treated board that I painted white to match the existing post and to make the lights reflect of the paint and seem brighter. Next I divided the board into 4 sections and installed screws to string the lights on. I attached the board to the post using a nylon rope and zip ties. Here is the poles in action along with years display https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD0PEjX07rI
  8. I had them in my yard last year and they worked great. The only thing is you have to watch the UPS and Postman they have a tendency to walk through the yard to get to the front door. They have a 9in stake that they set on and the spacing between lights I think is about 10ft so you can space them out and make it look random. I wish we had snow in south GA so I could see them glowing under the snow.
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