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  • My favorite Christmas story
    My brother decided to make fun of my small Christmas displays I used to put up and now i bought a house on a main ave. and starting going big and now we have a battle on our hands its pretty funny and the news and newspapers love the story...
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    carbondale pa
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    Im a disabled man who desperately needed a hobby and i found it in my Christmas display....Family oriented and recently a young grandpa
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    my display truthfully
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    Im very much into blow molds and just trying to put as many new and exciting things i can find to do into my display i just want to make the kids smile but now im really wanting to start creating my own wooden character displays but Im new to it and i cant find any licensed character patterns anywhere...

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  1. RIP John...

    1. qberg


      That is a sad one...he was a big influence on a lot of us when I got into this hobby many years ago...praying for his family.

    2. BamaSanta


      Just read this and really hated to hear it. He will truly be missed in this community of Planet Christmas. He was a man who truly loved Christmas. Godspeed John.

    3. TED


      I was just thinking the other day that I couldn't remember seeing any recent posts from him.  I wondered how he was doing because he had posted a while back about having some kind of lung problem.  I sure hate to hear that he passed on.  His posts were always cheerful despite his many health issues.  I'll miss reading them and seeing the pictures of his displays.


  2. Its a great video do you bring the snowman in every night....and do you run him if the weather is bad???? its really cool love it... Its a great video do you bring the snowman in every night....and do you run him if the weather is bad???? its really cool love it...
  3. I think Id have to put up the ez-up tents all around my house if I had this stuff to display... I couldn't let the weather get to it Id be worried to much even though you say you use plastic etc Id be to worried they are awesome and very expensive great job....
  4. This is awesome I love it...
  5. I love this display and I want you to take this the way Im meaning it your gaudy monstrosity is AMAZING.. I love a static show with all of the characters just look at my pics and video of my show and I have been wanting to add somewhat of a small light show to it ..You combined the 2 elements static and LOR the best out of all the videos I watched.. This is exactly how I want my gaudy monstrosity to be. You used the perfect amount of Lor it doesn't take away from all the great characters you have it just simply made your display that much better I love it...
  6. Godddddd I wish I lived there I would be on this so fast ......UGGGGGGG all of that for $75
  7. Very cool stuff I love the Hamberger stuff I just don't like the prices ouch...
  8. Im regretting not making the Santa jack after seeing yours but i was thinking doing regular jack you can get Halloween use out of it too but i still wish i did it like yours i love it..
  9. Just looking at those pics there is no way i could pull that off that looks like Chinese to me i just dont have the knowledge to pull something like that off Id be a liar if I thought i could I wish i did have the skills to pull something like that off with me being disabled I dont have much money times are really tough and building it myself would be the cost effective way to do it i just know I would mess it up but thanks for the info maybe i could find someone who knows about it locally and that could walk me through it but Im sure i wont find anybody but thanks anyway
  10. To be dead honest when it comes to circuitry I dont have a clue im sure i would mess it up and is a Renard like a lor system does it use the same software or does it have its own software
  11. I was thinking about doing a small part of my display to lights and sound but cant afford a lor system. Do any of the store bought systems like a Mr Christmas lights and sound or a gemmy allow you to fm transmit and do any of them allow for you to use an ipod? Now I have seen the videos on YouTube how people have hacked them but I didn't want to go through all that do any of them come from the factory like that or is the only way to use on of them with a transmitter and a ipod is to hack them. I wish I could afford to buy the basic lor system but Im disabled and my wife is the only one working so unfortunately I couldn't buy one I really wish I could because the basic starter lor system would be plenty for me because I only wanted to do part of my display to music the rest would stay static..I was just wondering Im sure the only way to do it is hack them but I haven't seen them lately and wasn't sure if they changed..
  12. Do you have any individual pics of the characters i love the art work you chose i wouldn't mind stealing some of it if you were ok with it so if you have some individuals I would appreciate it thanks a lot and they look great..
  13. Do you have a better pic of the girl child out of lock shock and barrell?
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