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  1. attachicon.gifnew xmas n baby 001.jpgattachicon.gifnew xmas n baby 003.jpgattachicon.gifnew xmas n baby 007.jpgattachicon.gifnew xmas n baby 012.jpgattachicon.gifnew xmas n baby 013.jpgattachicon.gifnew xmas n baby 014.jpgattachicon.gifnew xmas n baby 018.jpg


    This is some of my 2014 Christmas display - 40-50 animated figures outside & 80+ figures inside with 15,000 lights.

    Will do better next year.

    I think Id have to put up the ez-up tents all around my house if I had this stuff to display... I couldn't let the weather get to it Id be worried to much even though you say you use plastic etc Id be to worried they are awesome and very expensive great job....

  2. another thing i have done being i live on disability as well. i buy a bare Renard board at 7.00 to 12.00 dollars and then order parts for it in small groups and then build the board once i have all the parts needed. it helps spreed the cost out

    but now i just buy strip board and parts and just make my own boards like i want.

    like this 8 channel dc board i made for some rgb stars not so pretty but works just fine  th_002-13_zps75baca8c.jpg

    Just looking at those pics there is no way i could pull that off that looks like Chinese to me i just dont have the knowledge to pull something like that off Id be a liar if I thought i could I wish i did have the skills to pull something like that off with me being disabled I dont have much money times are really tough and building it myself would be the cost effective way to do it i just know I would mess it up but thanks for the info maybe i could find someone who knows about it locally and that could walk me through it but Im sure i wont find anybody but thanks anyway

  3.  If you are handy You can build a 16 channel Renard ss16 board for the same price a Mr. Christmas will cost. just looked and there running $91.00 for a 16 channel kit and 73.00 for an 8 channel kit shipped..


    Just a thought,

    To be dead honest when it comes to circuitry I dont have a clue im sure i would mess it up and is a Renard like a lor system does it use the same software or does it have its own software

  4. I was thinking about doing a small part of my display to lights and sound but cant afford a lor system. Do any of the store bought systems like a Mr Christmas lights and sound or a gemmy allow you to fm transmit and do any of them allow for you to use an ipod? Now I have seen the videos on YouTube how people have hacked them but I didn't want to go through all that do any of them come from the factory like that or is the only way to use on of them with a transmitter and a ipod is to hack them. I wish I could afford to buy the basic lor system but Im disabled and my wife is the only one working so unfortunately I couldn't buy one I really wish I could because the basic starter lor system would be plenty for me because I only wanted to do part of my display to music the rest would stay static..I was just wondering Im sure the only way to do it is hack them but I haven't seen them lately and wasn't sure if they changed..

  5. Do you have any individual pics of the characters i love the art work you chose i wouldn't mind stealing some of it if you were ok with it so if you have some individuals I would appreciate it thanks a lot and they look great..

  6. Does anybody know of any sites that still have stuff available to be shipped on their site Lights, figures, inflatables etc.. And that are having sales like %75 off I found a few things available on home depot but not too much and a few things from sears but %99 of the stuff i found is sold out on line so if anybody knows of any store that ships and still has stuff please let me know thanks. I know its probably wishful thinking but you never know...Im really looking for a bunch of Lightshow style lights or Synchro lights that have the multi light function etc... I want to make another mini mega tree out of them like i did this year and i couldn't find any...Im wanting c7 or c9 or even g35 color changing lights any brand is fine as long as they have the color changing effects....Im also looking for a Mr. Christmas lights and sound or another brand that does the same thing as the Mr. Christmas lights and sound.. I have a static show but wouldn't mind doing a small portion of my show to music so a Mr. Christmas lights and sound or a Gemmy lights and sound would even work...But Im on a fixed income because im disabled and if i cant find them on sale i cant afford to get them so if by a small chance anybody knows of a site and could pass along the info i would appreciate it or if there is someone who had a Mr christmas lights and sound and then switched to Lor and no longer uses it and can let it go for a good price send me a message thanks...

  7. I used stucco red tape it bends better than duck tape seems to last longer as well.

    Cool thanks I know its hard to paint but i did find this stuff its dye for plastic people say it works great and it comes in a bunch of colors on ebay..1 ounce goes a long way i am told you just need to be very careful with it it will stain concrete etc.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Red-Dye-for-PVC-STAIN-1-oz-concentrate-lqd-/250756357364?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a623e5cf4

  8. How much were those ice cream cones and where did you get them at ive seen them a ton of times i just dont know where to buy them??? By the way great hall of fame molds on the porch nice Disney display...and your train is cool too with all the cars I still dont have a train yet ...

  9. Actually, I've got enough molds (I had some left over, and I found a box in my storage shed with another bunch of candles), BUT I'm getting close to my limit on power - the last few molds I plugged in one by one with my fingers crossed.  I never got around to adding any more circuits this year.  The bad part is that I already have an external 60 amp box feeding my pool deck that has an unused breaker slot that I could have used.  There's always next year.

    I switched all my molds to 11 watt bulbs this year and they looked fine go look at my display and see what you think..i put up a bunch of pics the other day in the post that says my display 2013 Im not sure what size you use but if your close to being at your limit then go down in wattage size if you can and then you can add a bunch more lolol we all love more lol

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