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  1. Thanks - doing better - in PT and hoping it won't slow my setup too much.

    Well that's good to hear I hope all goes up easy for you without any problems im chuggin away on your character and Chis's 4 and my brothers road runner....They are getting there I got a few more days of coats on them and they should be almost done..The 4 foot zapped guys are cool i like them i want one for my own display.  

  2. Great, maybe you should create a cutout that shows an excited and scared reindeer :P

    Im sure you will have me make one lol anyway Ive been hurting pretty bad lately been a rough couple days how are you feeling....I think its the change in the weather all that metal in my back I really feel it when the seasons change at least it seems that way I actually couldn't get out of bed for a few days ...Is the shoulder getting any better? I hope so bud Im starting to paint the 6 characters down there today they are all cut filled primer ed and sanded now its time to paint at least i can sit down for that part anyway i hope your feeling better...

  3. Nice job. I can imagine that it took some time.

    Yeah they take me a while to do but its more because of the fact that i do them right i make sure they have a ton of coats and that they will withstand the weather.. the worst thing is that im disabled and some days i cant even get bout of bed so they probably take me alot longer then it would some other people but tyvm for the nice comment...

  4. My basement looks like a factory i have 6 characters in the process of being made i love the orders. I just wish i could push the walls out a few feet anyway these will take me a few weeks to complete after these are done i may be able to squeeze 1 more order in before its time for me to start my own display so if anybody wants to place an order a few weeks from now i should be ready just shoot me a message if you want the last spot and after i complete these 6 i will contract you about your order so shoot me a message and we can discuss what you want like I said though I will be busy for the next couple weeks so it will be after they are done anyway I'm back to the grind so you all have a great day...

  5. I am starting 5 more characters this week and they should keep me busy for the next few weeks but i may be able to squeeze 1 more set of characters in after these are complete but definitely after that I will be shutting down the making of any characters until after the holidays because i will be so busy with my own display but like i said i am finishing 2 deer today i made for a planet Christmas member and then I have 4 more to do for another member and another for crazy tech and then I can probably get 1 more set done after those so if anybody was thinking of getting something now would be the time to grab that last order spot . Otherwise everybody have a great decorating season and i will be stopping in fromtime to time to bug people im sure about my own issues lol have a great day...

  6. There is still time to get an order in with me if anybody wants anything done i am currently finishing up crazy techs second order and I have a order of 4 more characters to do for another planet Christmas member i may be able to get 1 or 2 more orders done before i have to concentrate on my own display so if anybody wants anything just shoot me a message have a great day.

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