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  1. I have a school house for sale at $125.00 plus shipping!
  2. Hi, Up for sale is an empire snowman his pipe is broke and he has a dent in the back of him. He has a light cord. If you want a pic of the dent please email at [email protected] Asking:$50.00 With shipping.
  3. UPDATE!: THE TPI drummer bear and green candy canes are SOLD!
  4. Here are some blow molds i got for sale! Tpi blue and silver bell:$50.00 Union gingerbread star:$85.00 2 Union green candy canes:$10.00 each 3 styrafoam poloron santa heads;$10.00 each Grand venture purple witch:$65.00 Empire pixie elf:$55.00 Union turkey:$45.00 Mrs.pilgrim:$35.00 Tpi egg house:$110.00 Tpi egg:$65.00 Union choc. bunny:$65.00 1 Empire reindeer with sleight:$45.00 2 TPI reindeer with sleight:$125.00 Gingerbread snowman:$40.00 Union hollywood blue snowman:$50.00 Tpi santa with puppies:$50.00 Choir girl and boy made by genral foam:$85.00 Union waving bear:$35.00 2 Gingerbread men:$30.00 Chilly willy penguin:$20.00 Union santa face:$10.00 Union red elf:$35.00 Empire mary joseph and baby:$25.00 for set Tpi drummer bear:$30.00 Little mickey and minnie:$45.00
  5. Hi, Up for sale is a nice gingerbread star it is used with normal wear. I am asking $100.00 With shipping to the 48 states! Please message me!
  6. I have 2 blue nutcrackers but they are the smaller 30 inch ones!
  7. Hi, I have a bunch for blow molds for sale is you are looking for blow molds please email me at [email protected] Thank you! Have a great day!
  8. Hi everyone If you have any blow molds that you want to sell for cheap or not a bad price then please let me know by message and we can work something out I live in IL. Thank for taking the time to read my post!
  9. i have that for sale for 65.00 with shipping!
  10. and i would give you 20.00 for the set of camels?
  11. do you still have the 3 stooges for sale?
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