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    Happy Decorating !
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    Poland, Maine
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    Professional Chef, Culinary Educator. Widowed, dog owner,
    Decorating just because my wifes birthday used to be 12/2 and all the lights had to be on for that. even though I'm alone now, kids all grown and without any grandchildren to spoil, its my reason to donate to the power Co. and annoy the neighbors. 30,000 dancing LED's and counting.
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    Chocolate & candy making, Cake Decorating, (my little girl)
    she's an 85lb pitbull that thinks she's alap dog. well not really, she has no idea she's a dog!
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    College,Culinary Arts instructor
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    just starting to animate, first year with all leds, (anyone need acouple ahundred sets of incadecesents?) have no idea
    what i've spent on leds the last couple of years not that much really, but this years dec light bill only went up $16. so I've already paced the order for 200 mor strings for next years arches and mega tree!

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