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  1. I know we live in a crazy competitive world, But, Is there some great Grand Prize I don't know about that goes to the First Crazy Christmas Light Decorator that invest$ a Million Dollar$ in their Display? LOL Keep up the Good Work
  2. Nobody is going to make money selling inventory at 75 - 90% off..................
  3. ATTENTION !!! Got an email from Home Depot This AM 1/22 Vampire Plugs are back in stock for Delivery now through early February Available On Line Only spt1 and wire all three versions of the vamps are available Male, female and female in line 45.00 / 100 w/ FREE Shipping If you need these get them soon, as they are usually NOT available year round....
  4. Try signing up for automatic bidding, and set your max bid as high as you can go for that item ! it really sucks to loose out at the last minute for a $1
  5. Don't forget, LED's require only 10% of the power that incan. require. So if your building new LED's and RGB's are the way to go. a 50.00 light bill will look a lot better than a $300.00 one in January after the show is over.
  6. Camper1972


    Jorge, glad YOU asked first. I've been waiting all day, hoping I wasn't the only one that didn't know! although I think I read about them on here some time ago, as in controlling shutting off of led lights under control by LOR.
  7. The selection at our 2 local Wally Worlds was so bad this year I didn't buy any lights. The 50 ct led's were 10.99 ea. that's No Bargain I can Buy 100 ct from many PC vendors, in the 15 to 22 range and have quality lights that are sealed, and wiil light when the program starts and not have to repair them every time it rains or they move because the wind blew. If I have to revert to buying cheap Walmart lights, I quess the display is getting too big and I better call it Quits!
  8. Not exactly the cheapest way to go ! If you have and DIY skills you can make your own leaping arches for less than $50.00 each. their price is $375.oo ea. and you still need a controller, software and sequences to make it work not to mention 100's to 1000's of feet of extension cords to go with all of the pieces included in the pkg. Pre-programmed sequences are available direct from Light O Rama and on ebay as well as from WoW Lights and the prices are all over the place depending on the complexity of the songs and # of channels This is a wonderful Hobby, BUT IT IS NOT, just Plug and Play. @ 128 channels fiqure on adding at least 6000 feet of extension cords to the lights you already have and each one of those controllers can only handle 30 amps that's not many incandescent c9's
  9. that article is in the Dec. 2011 issue go to planetchristmas.com click on magazine then on latest available issue then December 2011. all of those old issues are a wealth of information.
  10. The same is done to the lights at Rockafeller Center. { All New Every Year !} If you had the chance to read the article in PC Magazine on the Disney Lights, that article stated that the lights are destroyed because of the UV damage to the small wires from setting in the Florida Sun for nearly 2 months not to mention the labor involved in taking them down and storing them. I cried at just the thought of all those lights being destroyed
  11. NOW ! is the only time you can get those red & Blue strings you need for the July 4th display, I haven't done Easter yet, we usually still have snow on the ground here in Maine in March and the rebars from Christmas are still frozen in the ground. But Pink, yellow, blue and green Lights are in the Future for the Next Easter in April. Halloween and Thanksgiving are already covered Orange & Purple for Halloween along w/ additional yellow and green for thanks giving w/ plain foam pumpkins and corn stalks
  12. WELL SAID ! but I love my LOL, Merry Christmas
  13. and slow down those movements. currently recovering from scene sickness" otherwise the yard looks great in the first scene
  14. 180.00 to 250.00 on ebay is the every day going price and they all sell out before the auction time is up . I've seen commercial controllers up over 300.00 for used and that's with no guarantee that they work!
  15. You could save some money by buying used controllers on ebay, I bought 6 of mine there and have had NO problems with them, just be sure that you are not buying owner assembled kit models and are buying REAL LOL assembled units, and even if you do have a problem w/ one of them Light o rama will service it, if you can't do it yourself w/ their tech. assistance.
  16. Must take a lot of SKY Hooks to keep all of the Nativity up closer to God!
  17. Action Lighting has blinking c7 bulbs, $ 7.05 for box of 25, u will never run out of replacements
  18. Up setting the Neighbors, is my " BIGGEST FEAR!" Overwhelming traffic Closed down, the show that first inspired me to get into LOR
  19. you could still wire it in and just use a red blinking bulb. also if your worried about the moisture, try using a rubber faucet washer around the base of the bulb to keep the socket dry, also helps w/ corrosion. Have front door candles made from 4" pvc pipe with ceramic ceiling light fixtures and have used washers on the flame shaped 25 watt bulbs for 40+ years w/out incident
  20. LESS, might just be really MORE ! Looks great the way it is, Mr Griswold
  21. Welcome ! I'm a newbe to this madness as far as LOR but I've been decorating for 50 years, things are so crazy here I have an Electrician on Retainer ! as a matter of fact he was here this am to install an additional 150 feet of 12/3 wire foe 3 more 20 amp circuits for my new leaping arches. Happy decorating !
  22. I got home from work Monday evening @ 7:30 and Horror Struck !!!! My neighbor across the street HAS his Lights up and ON ! inside and out !!! I'm still wrapping 5 more mini trees and looking at Clips to Hold up 150 ft of C9's around the house under the icicles. Hopefully the electrician will get the 2 new 20amp circuits hooked up this week so I can plug in the new controllers ( Now up to 6. 96 channels )4 for the Mega tree and the leapers. Lights up this weekend, as soon as I get the car home from a brake job* on Friday am. WISH ME LUCK ! (*Money I could have spent on lights !) HAPPY DECORATING ! Twinkle, Twinkle !!!
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