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  1. Hello guys!my compaq6720mom was make many recipes on the christmas day..i specially like the cake because its was the time of the of the happiness..which recipe was you make on that day??
  2. woo thats great stickers of the christmas..in this christmas i find the stickers on the christmas day but unfortunately i can nt find..i was want to decorate my room..did you decorate the the room by the stickers??
  3. Great song pretty!!which song is the favorite for all the 5 songs??i listen the song its comletely awesome for me its sentences and rythm is equally going with the voice..are you launched more song on the next christmas??
  4. Hello!!i have no suggestion but one thing i ask to you that which song are you listening the christams day?/did you send me the link of that song because i also want to listen that song its my wish..i shall b very thankful to you...
  5. jargo777


    Hello guys,i am new at this forum just want to get the knowledge about the different topics of this forum..i visit some threads of this forum which have good knowledge in it which is very helpful just for natural life
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