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  1. I used C9s and coroplast. I used 4 channels, started by drilling holes in the middle, outward in a spiral pattern. I then strung it from the middle to the outside in a spiral pattern. By firing the circuits in order, I could get a pretty decent burst. Don't forget to put lots of stobes on your roof for the extra sparkle at the end! I built these last year for the grand finale to Fantasmic!. You can check it out if you scroll to the end of the video. [url]http://vimeo.com/9100479[/url]
  2. The "dragon" and Fantasmic! didn't go live until this past Halloween. Here is the video if anyone is interested. The blower turns on at 12:50, but it's dark so you can't see him right away. http://vimeo.com/9100479
  3. Anyone coming out? The party starts at 6pm EST.
  4. Videos of all 10 songs will be going up. I have a friend with a $3000 camcorder doing it for me this Friday. I don't know how long it will take for me to edit it for the site, but I am definitely going to post them when I can.
  5. I love it! It's fantastic! The display is only partially up. In fact, it looks very sparse to me, LOL. The green mini van in front is the landlords! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know my house was on the street view. :-D
  6. Hahahahahaha. Is there a link we can post? That is AMAZING!
  7. I don't think he meant it that way, but you're right. It could certainly be taken the wrong way. I still love your comeback. It was great!! Haha.
  8. LOL, that made me smile. Ahh, he meant no harm. What you don't see is me standing behind the cameraman laughing at him. I was there when he said that, and it struck me as funny at the time.
  9. It depends on which fixtures you are talking about. To answer your question directly, yes they stay outside. Everything is adequately locked. I've have no issues before; i just have more equipment this year. When we get closer to vandelism season, the security lighting will run all night. There's 900 watts of light in 20' x 35' area. Now the two big qspots come inside and don't go out if there is a threat of rain because i don't have the enclosures for them yet. When the enclosures are done, they will stay outside too. Here's my disclaimer, the below is a rant! I am VERY ANGRY at
  10. Yes, traffic has started. :-) Actually, I can tell the local community watched the news. I had a flurry of a walkups, which is unusual. Traffic has easily doubled tonight. It wasn't to the point of forming a line, but you couldn't necessarily park in front of the display. But then again, there still were plenty of times it was empty outside. Looking outside now, there are 4 cars and 5 people! Considering tomorrow is Friday, I think things will pick up dramatically this weekend too. My homepage went from a view count of 200 (ever since I put up the halloween pages 2 months ago) to 64
  11. Thanks! I do like what they put together. It's a good piece.
  12. Yeah, you got it right. I look so goofy on TV! LOL, but I bet everyone thinks that. They cut quite a bit out from some of the interviews I saw them do, but I think they did a great job. The news was over 3 minutes! I put up a page on my website with all the links: http://farneylights.com/content/view/335/108/ My only dismay is they posted my telephone number...??????????? Yes, it's automated and doesn't call me per say, but if random people around the country call up just for fun, the people at the display are subject to their whims. I think I may call comcast and get a new number
  13. I have an Apple multimedia guru saving it for me, so I should be able to put it up on my website. He is going to be out of town this weekend Fri-Sun on vacation, so I am not sure when I can access it. I would feel terrible bugging him at 10pm tonight when he's trying to finish up packing!
  14. Let's keep this thread on topic, and I have a new thread here for WGN News: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=35237
  15. I am starting a new thread so I don't hijack the Illinois Members! thread too much. WGN came out for an hour and half yesterday to do filming. They took a lot of display footage as well as interviewing anything near the display with two feet. There are some great neighbor interviews as well as strangers. They even got the small kids who live directly across the street. They are adorable! They were pretty camera shy even with their mother there giving them encouragement, but the news crew managed to get a sentence or two out of them. The mom talked about how they love the display and
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