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  1. I bought several from Christmas Light Show. 20% failed after one month of use, even with holes drilled as instructed. Not a day of warranty with these. Will look elsewhere for my strobe lights from now on.
  2. Kelso

    Feel Horrible

    Unfortunately, the cons have ruined it for the truly needy. This supposed hardship is clearly the work of a slick maneuvering con artist. Your donors that night were intending to donate to a charity and not to a suspected con, so I am glad it all worked out.
  3. Living in the NW, I have had GFCI issues every year. Best tip I have read on this forum is to keep the plugs off the ground. This is the first year I have made an effort to get my plugs off the ground and the first year I have not had GFCI tripping headaches.
  4. Sometimes static displays seem to be the way to go. Very nicely done
  5. I use small pieces of rope and tie a loop at both ends. Drape the rope over hoop and stake down with the rope tightly over the hoop. I do this on all four sides
  6. Their prices are very good, but their high shipping rates make them comparable with others
  7. Can't remember which one it was, but the seller of the sequence should be able to direct you to the correct version. If you end up buying the wrong one, let me know. Yes, the sequence will be e-mailed to you.
  8. I bought the version from the below site. Very well done and only $5. http://www.mrtoomanychristmasdecorationsguy.com/LightORamaSequencesforSingingHalloweenFaces.htm
  9. hmm. I am off to Seattle on Thursday for the Seahawk game...
  10. Charlie E must've seen your tip. A Port Orchard gentleman beat me to the punch on these blow molds. It's tough on a rookie when your competing with retired blow mold hoarders Oh well, I did find some others on Ebay though. Got my first 12 blow molds (all Empire Toy Soldiers). It's a start.
  11. Missed it. I was headed to the Seattle next week too...Need some blow molds for my first LOR show this year. I am in Kelso. If you see any more such ads in our area, feel free to PM me
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