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    A Christmas Carol
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    I collect blow molds for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. I reside in one of the most-decorated homes in my areas, and am well known for my display. I also collect vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations.
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    Christmas, sports, architecture, family/friends
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    I have approx. 110 blow molds for Christmas, many vintage ones, about 20 for Halloween, 6 for Easter,and a few for Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. My house and all shrubbery are outlined entirely while mini lights and my house is visible from the road. My house is known around my town.
  1. Did you find the gold-scarfed Poloron snowman on NJ craigslist? I remember seeing it in a lot over the summer.
  2. I like that one. The face reminds me of the early papier mâché JOLs
  3. Did you ever sell the white Mary? I don't recall seeing it on eBay
  4. I saw one on CL today, they seller said that the snowman was made by Noma. greensboro.craigslist.org/clt/3855438311.html
  5. Very nice find! I would definately say Poloron. This is only the second one I have seen, the first one in an eBay listing last fall. If I'm not mistaken, it sold for over $200.
  6. Thank you all for your comments. I ended up just purchasing a higher-wattage candelabra-base cord set and slightly enlarged the hole to accommodate the larger circumference of a 25 watt chandelier bulb. I'm surprised at the difference it made. At least the switch on the cord is inside of the mold now.
  7. Blow Molds and Inflatables...you left 5 or 6 comments
  8. As a few of you may have seen on a Facebook group, I have recently acquired a Union snowlady. As Union Products was notorious for using c7 light set ups in their larger molds, resulting in dimness, I wish to add a standard base light kit to her. In a past thread, there was a comment on placing a light in the back similar to the way Dapol did, with a single screw, to prevent cutting a hole in the back. To do this, I would have to cut a hole in the base to insert the light kit. Being that it is such a difficult to find and typically expensive piece, would this be advisable? I don't intend to sell it in the future, so I am unsure what to do. Thanks
  9. They must be worth much more than I thought! I paid $15 for mine a few weeks ago
  10. Thanks, but have you seen the colorized Beco version? I have a picture from a past thread, but it is from a distance
  11. I am looking to get a new nativity for Christmas 2013 this summer. I currently own the 1962 Beco white nativity holy family, as well as the complete Empire/Poloron mid-size set. My question is, does anyone have a picture of the colorized version (the Empire look-alike)? I would like to paint them, but to my understanding, they were not entirely painted. I have already stripped a few layers of white paint off of them, so I'm not worried about devaluing them.
  12. Are any of these still available?
  13. I'm new here to PC and just wanted to say hi. I've been "stalking" information for a while now and finally decided to open an account and join the madness . I've been collecting blow molds since I was 13 and have finally gone past the hundred mark. I am the only large display in my development, and one of 7 out of 100 homes to use these "tacky", "outdated", and "wonderful" decorations. To all who have their displays on FB (Carrie, Tom, Shawn, etc.), I enjoy looking at your pictures. My favorite mold I own is my Holiday Innovations mechanical santa, and my most-wanted mold is the Poloron fawn. So that's my story for now...
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