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  1. i just bought several boxes of the c7s from menards. i tested, and they looked ok to me. know idea on longevity.
  2. I have several rather larger (8+ ft in height) wireframes that are currently C7 incandescents. There are nearly 1700 bulbs in all, and I don't want to use them any longer because of the power requirements. I am considering 2 alternatives, and would like your opinions. The first is to use the existing wires with c7 LED retrofits to get the job done. I have tried it on a small angel and it works. The other option is to replace the wire completely and go with white M6 LEDs with color cap/clip combo's instead. I am a newbie to wireframes and honestly don't know which method looks bett
  3. what kind of group sales happen in January? I am new to this forum and am unfamiliar with prior year discounts, etc. What is realistic in terms of % saved?
  4. Hi there; Over the summer I acquired 15 rather large wire frame displays, each with c7 incandescent lights. These were used at a local county drive thru display, so they are rather beefy. I want to replace all the incandescents with c7 retrofits to save power. In all there are 1500+ bulbs that need to be replaced; otherwise i estimate that I will need 5 additional circuits just for them! A couple of questions: 1. this is a sizable investment, and i am wondering about how much will I save on my electrical bill; ie is the $$ saved going to be enough to cover the costs of the b
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