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    Spending time with the families.
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    Brooklyn Park, MN
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    I have always been fascinated by electricity and lighting. I spent many hours watching the lights at Epcot dance to the music in the 90s. When we moved into our current house, I cut the lights to fit the various portions of the house. I added a basic computer control through Qbasic, digital IO boards and SSRs. I was introduced to Vixen through a student. I now had music. Last year was my first year of putting it all together.
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    Dog agility
    Home repair
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    Information Security
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    Vixen 2.4
    4 Renard 64s
    Enough bulbs to make the meter spin
  1. Announcing the 2013 Minnesota Christmas Light Addition Problem (CLAP) festival When: Saturday, June 1st Where: The Waldon Zoo (5349 89th Crescent Circle N. Brooklyn Park MN 55443) Start Time: 9AM End time: 9PM, we run out of things to talk about or the dogs chase us out of the house Fee: A willingness to talk (tough for Lutherans) RSVP: Please respond with your attendance by Monday May 27th to ensure that we have enough food, coffee and chairs. Currently, I am looking for a list of topics to cover. Please chime in with areas you would like to see covered and things you would like t
  2. BLAA Blinky Light Addiction Anonymous? I like it. Walleyes, what part of the state do live in? Thanks, Joel
  3. Greetings All, I am from Minnesota and I suffer from Blinky Light Addiction Problem (BLAP). The more I thought about it, blinking lights do not need to be just for Christmas. Halloween, New Years and St. Pat’s day should all have lights. Anyways, I am located in a suburb of Minneapolis called Brooklyn Park. I moved to Vixen with Renards last year. Before that, the past 12 years were Qbasic and generic digital IO boards and no music. I have traveled to Disney World many times. I have watched Illuminations, the arches at EPCOT (before retirement) and the lights at Hollywood studios with
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