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  1. THREE WISE MEN SET CHRISTMAS NATIVITY PIECES Local Pick up only. Lebanon, Tennessee http://www.ebay.com/...5#ht_3489wt_974 I just now stumbled upon this auction on Ebay. It ends in approx.16 hours. So far, there are not any bids. Starting bid is only 99 cents, so I just HAD to post here hoping someone can get these 3 items for a steal. I have never bought from the Ebayer selling them, so I can't offer any input about that, but according to Ebay, their feedback score is 98.7, based on almost 199,000 feedbacks.. My apologies if I didn't post this correctly. I've never post
  2. They are my favorite item to decorate with. I love to rework them with new lights, when they finally give out. I too wish someone still made them. We have the Mickey Mouse, Merry Christmas, holly leaves, Christmas trees, bell, angel, waving snowman, waving Santa, standing and jumping reindeer of various styles, bells and several more I can't remember right now. Two years ago we had someone donate another waving snowman and Santa to us to add to our display. You would have thought someone said I just won the lottery. My eyes welled up with tears of joy when I saw what the person had brought
  3. We are doing great. God has blessed us with another year of decorating. Thanks for asking. We think of you and your family sooooooooooo often and your kindness. (My husband is now addicted to anything and everything Cajun spiced) A new store opened up close by that sells HOT sauces and we visit it weekly. LOL Glad to hear the Mr. Christmas is going strong. You do such a wonderful display with it !!!!

  4. Hey you, how are ya'll doing this year. Hope ya'll had a good Christmas. PS: The Mr Christmas is still going strong.

  5. To get the 20% discount, use Source Code MP9W123 when asked for it on the order screen. (This offer is good today thru Sunday Feb. 1st) www.improvementscatalog.com
  6. Thank you for letting us know to add them to our prayers. I said a prayer for them immediately after reading the post and will continue to pray for them.
  7. *********************************************** rofl !!!!!!!!
  8. Crush?? Smash, compact, destroy the lights etc??? Oh My !!! Fellows, I bet you are right... (Referencing my above post---..The entire sentence the employee said to me about guarding the trashed items was .."We guard it until we do it all in"... I wish now I had asked him what he meant, but after he worded it that way I thought he was a nutcase, so I quickly ended our little chat. LOL
  9. Rich, I hope that works out for you !!! If you can get just the lights that would be awesome !!! It is apparent by the various posts here, that each Wal-Mart is different with how they handle things. Maybe with so many minis leftover this year, they see the sense in letting someone have what they want for a good price instead of the dumpster getting it all for free. Again, good luck with getting the lights !!!
  10. An employee told me that some Wal-Mart managers will let you make an offer on their Christmas leftovers. (not including wire reindeer tho...They return them for store credit, or so he said) The store employee said to be sure and talk to the dept. manager if they are available and if not, try the store manager. He said you must take it all , that you can not pick out only things you want. He also said, once it hits the trash that they will not let anyone have any of it, that they actually keep "guard" over it, whatever that means...I didn't ask. I Can Not confirm the accuracy of anyt
  11. Happy belated Birthday my dear friend !!!! Now, now, Scot, calm down, sit down and take a deep breath....Don't let your blood pressure rise too high from shock due to me "reappearing" after all this time AND posting too. I have sent you a pm explaining my absense. LOL I have missed each and everyone here...
  12. Congrats !!!!!!! I've never seen that one. What an awesome find at an awesome discount!!
  13. JED wrote: Sorry Jed, I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to say that was an awesome display also !!!! Thanks for linking it for us. I had never heard of this song...Thank you again NWSantafor bringing it to our attention !!! I love it !!
  14. Thanks for posting this !! It is absolutely awesome !!!
  15. Not a good pic at all, but it will help show you a comparison of reindeer. Somewithout any tinsel covering the green wire and some that have tinsel covering the wire. The blue reindeer do not have any tinsel on them at all. Theyhave lights only. (Home Depot blue LED's) The white reindeerin the middle has white tinsel wrapped in between the lights to cover some of the green wire...but if you will notice, it is the WHITE electrical cord that runs the motor, that shows up in the night, not the green wire. LOL The lights are Home depot white LED's) The sleigh has silver tinsel on it with
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