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    Christmas vacation is my favorate
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    I am 61 years old and have been collecting and displaying for about 26 years. I,am a retired Superintendent of the Puget sound naval ship yard in Bremerton so everyday is a Saturday for me.
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    My Christmas display of course #1 Plus I have a car restoration shop in my back yard where I do frame off restorations for customers.
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    I have a very large walk through display with over 400 Blow Molds, 50 inflatables, around 100 wire frame characters and over 100,000 lights. I plan to change out half of my display this year to a light show.

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  1. I have never had to change out a bulb yet and it's been about 7 years since I started doing it
  2. I had 8 of those boxes and had to use one C7 or C9 incandescent bulb on each cord to get them to work correctly, I still use one of them
  3. I am in port orchard looks like you are in lake stevens. I can send you the 20 for shipping if you want to do that
  4. I make replacement noses If you end up buying them
  5. I Just got off the phone with Mel and he doesn't have any info on the green lamp posts other than that Menards had them made special for them, like they did for the Empire football snowman
  6. 1305 is the mold number and the 1969 is the date the mold was created, so the green ones could have been made anytime after that.
  7. I have owned mine for about 10 years, I was researching the old Empire catalogs last night but my Easter only goes back to the 80s and the mold date is 1969. If yours are the real thing the post is actually blown in green plastic and not painted. I should be talking to Mel tonight and I will see if he has the earlier catalog that might show it.
  8. I have 6 of them also and they are original, not repaints, two are new ones.
  9. Charles,

    I was talking to Mark when picking up the display pieces I bought from him, and he mentioned you might have some of the RBLs. Do you have any of the Multi-color ones and what would the price be?



  10. I bought out a person who had several Goofy's that had busted up from age in the cold and heat of Minnesota, he had two sets of ears and I sold three ears already and have one left plus a nose. PM me your address and I can get you a actual cost
  11. I have a extra ear but it would cost about $25 with the cost of shipping from Washington State
  12. I know he was offered $5000 cash for 300 molds and he turned it down if that helps anyone that is thinking of making him a offer, he is stuck on selling all of it at one time for the $15,000
  13. You could try a couple of candelabra flicker lamps, I use four of them under my chestnut bucket during the song chestnuts roasting on a open fire and they look good. I just drilled some holes through a small block of wood and screwed them into C7 sockets on the back side of the wood. Charlie E
  14. I have use my Santa outdoors for the last 6 years in my display and haven't had any problems. Santa is under cover but the front of my display stays open to the weather for 5 weeks each year and he just keeps dancing and singing as people walk up to him. Charlie E.
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