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  1. I have never had to change out a bulb yet and it's been about 7 years since I started doing it
  2. I had 8 of those boxes and had to use one C7 or C9 incandescent bulb on each cord to get them to work correctly, I still use one of them
  3. I am in port orchard looks like you are in lake stevens. I can send you the 20 for shipping if you want to do that
  4. I make replacement noses If you end up buying them
  5. I bought out a person who had several Goofy's that had busted up from age in the cold and heat of Minnesota, he had two sets of ears and I sold three ears already and have one left plus a nose. PM me your address and I can get you a actual cost
  6. I have a extra ear but it would cost about $25 with the cost of shipping from Washington State
  7. I know he was offered $5000 cash for 300 molds and he turned it down if that helps anyone that is thinking of making him a offer, he is stuck on selling all of it at one time for the $15,000
  8. You could try a couple of candelabra flicker lamps, I use four of them under my chestnut bucket during the song chestnuts roasting on a open fire and they look good. I just drilled some holes through a small block of wood and screwed them into C7 sockets on the back side of the wood. Charlie E
  9. I have use my Santa outdoors for the last 6 years in my display and haven't had any problems. Santa is under cover but the front of my display stays open to the weather for 5 weeks each year and he just keeps dancing and singing as people walk up to him. Charlie E.
  10. I just sent you a pm with a cut version of what your looking, for let me know if it works Charlie e
  11. I have purchased my LED rope lights from apluschoice in California for the last three years and haven't had a failure in the middle of a string yet. I bought 900 feet of red/green/blue and white from them this year and used about 3,300 feet of it so far and haven't had any go bad yet. As to splicing the rope lights I haven't found any brand yet that I couldn't splice with the correct spool piece and cut at the correct point, even the cheap LED rope lights from Walmart and Big Lots have a point where they can be cut and spliced. Look for the two wires that run from the center of the string out to the right and left main power wires and cut in the middle of those two wires. These two little wires are the stop and start of each section of LED lights or regular rope lights if you are using the old style of lights. Good luck Charlie E
  12. pm me with you are looking for I might have something
  13. You can cut out the bad section by looking for cut marks on the rope lights, they are generally about 3 feet apart. If you don't find them look for two wires that are about 1 inch apart that go outward to the main wires and you can cut in between those wires. They make couplings to repair or add length to your existing strings and they can be bought on line or I could send you a couple if that would help. I hope you can see the markings in the attached picture Charles
  14. I picked up one a couple of years ago on Craig's list for $10 with no light so I used a 36" piece of LED rope light to light it and it looks good.
  15. All three are new this year. The snowman is only 31 the angle is 31 and the Santa is 34 tall. I only have one issue with them and that's they made them so small.
  16. I purchased and received the new Santa, Angel and Snowman last month and they look really nice.
  17. I agree with everyone, it's hard for a rookie to get started. I try to sell or trade my extra things for what it cost me to get them, I did see these on Craigslist but didn't need them so I left them for some who does. If I get some thing some one else wanted and it's extra I will always let them have it for what it cost me, it doesn't go on EBay. Just contact me and asks about the item. We all need to work together and help each other out, thing are hard enough to fined and way to expensive on EBay. This is why I decided to have the swap meet every year. Charlie E.
  18. We have a lit path that runs through out our 1.5 acre display and the path is lined both sides with LED lights and 40 inch tall lollypops. The lollypops are mounted over a piece of 3/4" rebar every 10 feet to support the light strings. We average over 3000 people a year come walk through our display and sit in Santa's sleigh for pictures and by the end of the season the grass is gone but comes back to life for next year without having to replant it. These pictures are from two different years, some with the lollypops and some with just the rebar. The display is to big to get a good picture of the hole path but I hope this gives you a good idea of what it looks like.
  19. How many are you looking for, New or used? I will check and see what I have left over from the NW blow mold swap meet. Charles
  20. Isn't that why we have the swap meet so we can all get together once a year. Charlie
  21. Me2 I sent you a PM about the blow molds Charlie E
  22. Me2, it's already sold I bought it at 4 o'clock today, It was a good haul for next years swap meet Charlie
  23. I sent you a email about the band and blow molds Charles
  24. Thanks to everyone that came. We had great meeting with lots of stories told and lots of blow molds sold. Charles
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