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    helping my dad set up all the blow molds!!!!....and for future stories...watching my little boy wake up and open presents :)
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    west milford nj
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    i have a little guy that's 4 years old and loves blow molds..lol
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    Family,blow molds and cars
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    a mass amount of blow molds...see a smile every night :)

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  1. its true....i got 3 boxes of C9 lights for 1.50 each!!!!
  2. thanks everyone!! when im not looking for them they manage to find me...lol
  3. picked these molds up today from 2 moving sales....
  4. very nice score!!!! i love hauls like that!!!!!
  5. Looks soo good buddy! ive been waiting to see your display!!! you really have some great molds!!!!! inside and out!!
  6. looks great!!!! i cant wait for my lil guy to get bigger too....its alot of work for 1 person....
  7. very nice find!!! i have that santa/sled but no reindeer
  8. nice display!! soldiers are my favorite molds! i love the army scene!!!! great job!!!
  9. small world...he got lucky selling those for that price too...
  10. in Blow Molds Started by johnnygriswold, 22 Sep 2013 they were in this thread......
  11. i think i checked those out at an estate sale a few months back...the boy choirs bottom half was busted....
  12. yeah those are some nice molds you have....keep growing that collection!!!!
  13. i would have kept mine up but it stinks when theres a foot of snow and 200+ blow molds have to go in storage....lol
  14. i just took my display down today....all the snow melted so i figured before we get hit with another storm id better take down.....feeling sad tonight....but already getting ready to find more stuff for next season...lol
  15. thats the same way i feel....my 2 year old will inherit the blow molds...lol
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