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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. With the LEDS brightness most prob couldnt tell the difference. if you guys have any links to your videos so i could see the various light types would be appreciated. Thanks Chad
  2. Hi, Im planning on building my first Mega tree this yr. I will be using LED, what type of bulb do you typically use? I thought C6 would fill the tree out but maybe they are a bit too big. I thought i would open it up for discussion to see what you all thought. Thanks for your time, Chad
  3. awesome, thanks for sharing this great tool and thread
  4. curios to see more pics and hear about your construction... i'm going to build my first mega tree this year.I'm really interested in learning abou the spiral portion of your tree. I hope you can share more. Thanks Chad
  5. Just wanted to see if anyone had a shorter version or maybe did something neat with editing the song? I'd appreciate a copy if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks Chad
  6. You are the Hero of the day!! This is a great list and will really help out. Thank you for putting it together and sharing it.
  7. I listened to the electric guitar version.. pretty cool. You got me thinking...
  8. Jingle Rock Anthem is a good one... ppl will die laughing at this one. where did you find it? Ive search amazon, itunes, google....
  9. Thanks everyone for sharing.. this is a big help. I will look into all the songs everyoen has mentioned. Some i have never heard.. which is what i wanted. Thanks again
  10. So I've watched a ton of videos(YouTube and members sigs) trying to find unique Xmas songs to sequence. However I keep hearing the same ones. I've searched amazon as well. So I'm wondering if you guys could give me some ideas of good Xmas sequencing songs? Also wondering if you guys mix in none Xmas music into your shows. I mean I've seen the Gangnam style and party rock but besides those what do you guys use? I appreciate any feedback, ideas and recommendations. Thanks in advance Chad
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