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  1. I currently use E1.31 to connect to the Lynx Etherdongle. I believe it uses standard E1.31 then converts to Pixelnet protocol going out the the Hubs and Controllers. Steve.
  2. Paula and I had a great time at the mini. I think it gave us both more ideas on things to put into our display. It was also great to meet everyone. I did have one question if anyone got the link or know where do get the "Buzz Box" I would be very grateful, Paula really wants to fix several of the display item that she has had for many year and the light are now failing. Andy and Al, Thank you for pulling this together I am already excited for next years. Steve.
  3. I have a 300W ATX power supply that has binding post for 12v, 5v and 3.3v that can be used, I can put in it in with the other items I was going to bring with me. Steve
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