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  1. Hi Kris - so sorry to hear that you lost the full-body purchase of these items. I know we have a few blowmold folks that attend Christmas Expo but I don't know if they follow us here. A few places I have seen vintage blowmolds for sale have been Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Goodwill and Salvation Army stores (but only around the holidays). Hope this helps! Janice
  2. If you missed this fun and informative webinar with Brady, Felicia, Kristen and Santa Chuck, it's available on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/ChristmasExpoUSA.
  3. Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes | Christmas Expo is hosting a Free Webinar with The Great Christmas Light Fight Thursday, August 6 • 8pm ET Back in 2014, we hosted the first The Great Christmas Light Fight Discussion Panel with contestants from the first show. Every year thereafter, we hosted the previous year's contestants to share their experiences. It's been so much fun to hear what it's like to be part of a reality tv show! Now we are leading the way again to go even farther behind the scenes and find out from Executive Producers, Brady Connell and Felicia Aaron-White and Casting Director, Kristen Moss, about what happens before the first application is sent and the first film crew arrives. We hope you''ll join us and learn where the idea for the TGCLF originated, how a show like this is pitched and produced, what they look for in a contestant, and so much more. Moderated by Planet Christmas' own Chuck Smith, It’s a Hollywood tell-all that most never get to see! Register now at https://www.christmasexpo.com/webinar/.
  4. As most have heard already, Christmas Expo will be held in Biloxi this year. We're excited about the location - the city offers lots of options for family entertainment, history buffs, water sports, beaches, casinos and, now, Christmas Expo! I will be pushing out information as soon as it's available - we are setting up a new registration system which should be open in the next couple of weeks and our class lineup is already looking exciting. I tend to post updates on Facebook first, then send out emails to our mailing list so if you're looking for up to date info, follow us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasExpo or visit our website at www.ChristmasExpo.com to sign up for the mailing list. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Expo!
  5. Just got back in late last night and still trying to regroup today, but I will be posting more pictures from the Expo, including ones of the LOR tree, tonight or tomorrow. Janice
  6. All Expo 1, 2 and 3 day pass attendees were automatically entered into a drawing to win 1 of 4 free passes to the 2014 Christmas Expo. We have our winners! Congratulations to: Pierre Lanoue Paul Wood Paul Bagshaw Guy Peterson See you in 2014!!
  7. Thanks Joe - we've had alot of folks tell us they saw one or more of the segments. It makes having to be here at 5:45 am to meet the news crew worth it!!! I ended up drinking lots of coffee yesterday Janice
  8. No worries! We have lots of pictures to post and are and will be posting here, on our Instagram account and on our Facebook page. You can find us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ChristmasExpo, on Instagram at ChristmasExpo and on Twitter at ChristmasExpo.
  9. It was an early morning here at Christmas Expo! The local NBC and Fox station, WBIR, did 3 live morning show interviews from the show floor before we opened. Great start to the day!
  10. These are just a few of the giveaways we've heard that our vendors will be giving away at Christmas Expo: Madrix giveaways in the Madrix class Christmas Done Bright is giving away a $500 gift certificate All 1, 2 and 3-day attendees are invited to the Thursday night pizza party sponsored by Light-O-Rama Free CD’s, t-shirts and bumper stickers from Judy Pancoast Door prizes from Joshua 1 Systems And we know there's more! We've also heard that Universal Concepts will have their Light-O-Tron Singing Trees featuring RGB and Cobalt Light Systems at the show. I've been humming Christmas carols for a few days now and I'm planning to paint my nails Christmas green tonight. See you at the Expo! Janice
  11. Need one more reason to attend Christmas Expo? How about some special sales and new product look-see's going on in the Exhibit Hall? Creative Displays will be a offering 20% discount with free shipping when you place an order at their booth! Christmas Done Bright is offering a 30% discount on show orders (only given at the show)! Christms Light Show has a new product released just last week! See the 8 Slanted Chasing Light Rings at Christmas Expo. See you at the Expo, Janice
  12. We're delighted to report that Ed Bryson from Joshua 1 Systems (a lighting controller manufacturer) will be at Christmas Expo and will be teaching a class on Lighting Protocols: E1.31.DMX, Pixels. Learn about the protocols used in modern lighting solutions with a focus on E1.31 (DMX over Ethernet), DMX512 (DMX over RS485), and standard Pixel types. Software and hardware level protocols and how they work with lighting software and controllers will be discussed, along with the a review of the Joshua 1 Systems Inc. ECG (EthConGateway) line of hardware. Note that all discussions will be applicable to other vendor’s hardware offerings. See you at the Expo! Janice
  13. We are thrilled and honored to announce the Light-O-Rama is sponsoring a pizza and soft-drink night on Thursday evening, July 11 at the Mellow Mushroom. This fun evening of socializing and networking is open to all fully registered (day pass or 3-day pass) attendees at Christmas Expo. Thanks so much LOR - you ROCK!!!
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