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    Being with my family, going to church, seeing everyone's displays, and so many more. :)
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    United States
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    I enjoy decorating for holidays and many other things too. :)
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    aquariums, holidays, Apple Inc, gardening/flowers/etc.
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    I really enjoy Airblown Inflatables. :)
  1. I love your display, how cool! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks for posting the pictures, the display looked fantastic! I can't wait to see it again this year (the season is coming soon ).
  3. I hope my Lowe's puts out their decorations that early also, that would be fantastic. Good luck on getting your discount!
  4. Really? That is fantastic, thanks for letting us know! We will have to check it out. Do you happen to know if the new turkey is Gemmy? Thanks Xenon!
  5. Very nice, thanks for letting us know! They look great! (Can't wait to see your display this season!)(I'm from the old forum)
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