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  1. I did all my yard decor yesterday and I will be honest and admit that I felt very unmotivated about it plus my back bothered me the rest of the day. In a sense I think some people will enjoy seeing it. I know if I didn't put it up I'd feel bummed I didn't when we got significant snow.
  2. I don't find a lot either to be honest. Garage sales are my hunting grounds and that's starting to wind down for the season. I think September it'll be pretty much done. I don't buy repeats of what I own either unless it's in better condition than the one I own. Nice finds tho btw.
  3. OMG I need some bunnies!!! I'm jealous!
  4. All for a $1! No light,but that's no problem. A little faded and rubbed in some places,but I can fix that also. Love it!
  5. My husband would kill me for sure if I got that. *resists the urge*
  6. You are definately right about being wronged. I have the story to back it. I was just really shocked a church would want you to lie to your family and condone being a hypocrite. That's when I said forget organized religion, I'll handle it my way. I used to go to church on X-Mas,but I don't do that anymore either.
  7. Yes it's an argument that no one wins at all. I might have piercings, tattoos and choose to dye my hair ( I pay to professinally do, so it's not a cheap looking effort),but I am always being judged and it's always been from someone of extreme religion. Probably why I get defensive. I have a lot of reasons to justify my feelings about it,but I'm not getting into it. No one cares.
  8. Okay I see, it's a religion thing. You like waving it around to make sure others know... got it. I keep myself as neutral as possible out of respect for others who don't want to be receptive to it. I know a few people in my life who need to learn this.
  9. Okay awesome displays,but I have to ask what's with the "CHRISTmas". Can't we just say Christmas and keep it neutral?
  10. I like the lanterns, they remind of the old X-mas decor my hometown would put up. Very nice haul
  11. I fought with it for awhile and concluded that the tote is too small >.< I didn't think that it was that BIG until I got it out of it's orginal box that was falling apart. I'm thinking I bought a lot more inflaable than I thought hah
  12. I thought I had bought a big enough tote...I Guess not! Ugh should have known a 7ft tall snowglobe wasn't going to fit in that. ugh...
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