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  1. I did all my yard decor yesterday and I will be honest and admit that I felt very unmotivated about it plus my back bothered me the rest of the day. In a sense I think some people will enjoy seeing it. I know if I didn't put it up I'd feel bummed I didn't when we got significant snow.
  2. I don't find a lot either to be honest. Garage sales are my hunting grounds and that's starting to wind down for the season. I think September it'll be pretty much done. I don't buy repeats of what I own either unless it's in better condition than the one I own. Nice finds tho btw.
  3. OMG I need some bunnies!!! I'm jealous!
  4. All for a $1! No light,but that's no problem. A little faded and rubbed in some places,but I can fix that also. Love it!
  5. My husband would kill me for sure if I got that. *resists the urge*
  6. You are definately right about being wronged. I have the story to back it. I was just really shocked a church would want you to lie to your family and condone being a hypocrite. That's when I said forget organized religion, I'll handle it my way. I used to go to church on X-Mas,but I don't do that anymore either.
  7. Yes it's an argument that no one wins at all. I might have piercings, tattoos and choose to dye my hair ( I pay to professinally do, so it's not a cheap looking effort),but I am always being judged and it's always been from someone of extreme religion. Probably why I get defensive. I have a lot of reasons to justify my feelings about it,but I'm not getting into it. No one cares.
  8. Okay I see, it's a religion thing. You like waving it around to make sure others know... got it. I keep myself as neutral as possible out of respect for others who don't want to be receptive to it. I know a few people in my life who need to learn this.
  9. Okay awesome displays,but I have to ask what's with the "CHRISTmas". Can't we just say Christmas and keep it neutral?
  10. I like the lanterns, they remind of the old X-mas decor my hometown would put up. Very nice haul
  11. I fought with it for awhile and concluded that the tote is too small >.< I didn't think that it was that BIG until I got it out of it's orginal box that was falling apart. I'm thinking I bought a lot more inflaable than I thought hah
  12. I thought I had bought a big enough tote...I Guess not! Ugh should have known a 7ft tall snowglobe wasn't going to fit in that. ugh...
  13. Omg that's AWESOME lol. I don't have anything close to that size.
  14. You know I saw some cheapo inflaable,but it was cute and then I wasn't going to pop $20 on it either. My parents kind of had holiday decor ruined for them. The guy next to them had his entire lawn filled with every holiday imaginable with blow ups,lights, garland,ghosts and a tree decorated. Now imagine all these holidays ALL YEAR ROUND,24 HOURS A DAY. All the time, all these holidays, all year. when you went outside imagine the sound of 20 blow up fans running haha. It was an eye sore
  15. Never seen them either..those are unique. Wish I could get more lucky at garage sales. Just keep on hunting!
  16. And when that happens you're all like...
  17. lol special snowflakes are okay
  18. I regret passing two up at a thrift shop and the Santa in the sleigh. The santa in sleigh was so beat up and had no deer with it either.
  19. Well we did hire a buncha people,but I don't think they quite catch onto what they should be doing. Just keep applying and something will come up.
  20. THAT is too precious! The funny thing is my nieghbors LOVE it too! I'm not as big as some people here with my set up,but I've had adults come over and take pictures with the inflatables. The parents LOVE Halloween and take pics with their kids. If you don't love it, you at least know someone else enjoys your work. Sometimes it's just fun to put up all the stuff and feel like a kid too. I had a broken ankle and STILL got my stuff outside. It was not a easy task!
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