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    We love working and putting together our Christmas display for everyone to enjoy when they drive through our neighborhood.
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    We have won First Place in our HOA Christmas contest for our yard display.

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  1. That is too cool. I like your garage floor tiles.
  2. We have already started the planning phase for our newest addition to our display. We spent two hours at the hardware store yesterday buying bits and pieces to start building and testing. When we got home I spent another 3 hours cleaning the work shop in preparation to start the project. Very excited.
  3. He looks great. They will also make great Christmas photo opportunities for your guest since they are tall and near the stairs.
  4. This will be our first year to try animation in our Christmas display and would love some advice. We are wanting to add a "Reindeer Games" addition to our display and I saw a picture in another thread and believe this is the best way to go for what we are wanting to do. In the picture from the other thread it was built much like a ski lift. There was a 4x4 pole with a bicycle wheel being used as a pully and turn around for the reindeer and sleigh that was attached to the cable. It appears that they used a garage door motor to drive the bicycle wheel. We are thinking we are going to have 3
  5. This will be our first year to try animation in our Christmas display. We are wanting to add a "Reindeer Games" addition to our display and I saw the above picture. I believe this is the way to go for what we have in mind. We are thinking we are going to have 3 or 4 reindeer doing touch and gos around the yard. In looking forward to the future we could change the reindeer and put elfs riding in ski lift chairs to make it different without having to build a whole new display. Any help and or pictures would greatly be appreciated. One main concern is what size motor to use and if there is
  6. Thanks for the great welcome and all the kind words. We are starting to work on our new addition for this year. "Flying Reindeer"
  7. Here are a few more pictures including a close up of the trees. The trees are made up of 4 different pieces of wood and bolted to a fence post. I made the sleigh so that it is strong enough for people to get in and take pictures.
  8. My wife and I are always excited to build our next Christmas display. This is the train that we added to our display last year. We have a good friend who is an artist that draws our ideas out and then we do the cutouts, paint and build them. We used a fog machine on a timer to make the engine smoke.
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