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  • My favorite Christmas story
    Too Many to tell LOL
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    Long Island, NY
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    Christmas Fanatic...nuff said LOL.
  • Interests
    Buying vintage Christmas blow molds online & repainting them if necessary, buying Dept.56 Christmas in the City village pieces for my train display, watching hockey & football, spending time with the family.
  • Occupation
    Full Time Worker
  • About my display
    Blow mold Toy Soldiers, Nutcrackers, Santa & Snomen all around (Empire, TPI, UNION, Poloron) some hand made wood displays, animated Christmas figures in window, C9 multi colored lights on roof & gutter(s) of house all around.
  1. Did you strip it first then repaint it or just touched it up? I definitely agree with the paint, chips easily
  2. Anyone have pics of the gemmy/Lowe’s molds being repainted ?
  3. Man those Hamberger pieces are great, I loved seeing them in store windows, peoples houses, etc. do they still even make those? I'm dying to start a collection to set up in my garage for my display, or do a display house.
  4. Hey, a while back, like 2-3 years ago, Hammercher Schlemer was selling this soldier online and through there magazine. It is a replics of The soldiers you would see at Rockefeller Center by the tree during Christmas Time. Looking for it hardcore, but have had no luck. Does anyone have or know of anyone or even have the slightest idea as to where I could fiund and purchase this item? let me know.
  5. Hey does anyone have any of these blowmolds? (see pics for reference). If so, let me know, willing to pay whatever sale price is. Thank You
  6. Happy Leon Every One. Leon is Noel spelled backwards, and today marks the halfway point until Christmas. HORRAY!!!. The Picture is Courtesey of Light Hearted Holiday Displays. "like" There page on Facebook .
  7. Hey does anyone have any of these blowmolds? I am looking for them, will pay whatever selling price is. please let me know.
  8. Here is what i am talking about. These pics were taking by me of another display during Christmas time, this person did it really good, something like this I am looking for.
  9. Hey, does anyone know a better way to make those candy cane toy soldier guard boxes/house? I made mine a few years ago, and well, I think I didnot do such a great job the first time around LOL. If any suggestions let me know.
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