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    The best memory I have from Christmas is when I was maybe five or six years old. I headed down to our basement really early (maybe 5am or so) and found an amazing Lego Castle set had been left by Santa. I started working on it and other than some tricky parts I had it finished before the rest of the family was even awake!
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    Software/Firmware engineer, tinkerer, musician (kinda), skier, and loving husband.
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    Tennis, Skiing, Software, Table tennis, Badminton, Running, Christmas Lighting!
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    Embedded Software Engineer
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    Smartphone / Table controlled Holiday/Event/Accent Strand Lighting
  1. Hi all, We've created something interesting that I'd like everyone to check out. It's called Lumenplay and they are LED RGB pixel lights controllable from a smart phone or tablet. The great thing about them is that since they are RGB, you have lots and lots of color choices that you can pick and they can be used for pretty much any occasion with interchangeable bulb covers. www.lumenplay.com dynamicstability
  2. We actually have some samples of these parts and are planning to use them for our project eventually. The programming requirements are pretty stringent but the lighting looks pretty good in my opinion. I'll try to get some pictures in the near future of the sample strip we have so that you can see them. I don't currently have anything to control them with just yet however...
  3. It seems unlikely that you would be able to cut those apart and just plug them in. You are correct that AC/DC bulge at the beginning of the cord converts your house AC electric line into DC. So, if you were to cut them apart, you'd need to attach an AC to DC converter to each individual star. If you could find out the required DC voltage rating for each start and have a little bit of knowledge about how to solder to connect wires together, you might be able to pull it off. The other consideration is to make sure whatever power supply you use is rated for the amount of current each start will draw. That depends on the number of lights that are in each star. I'm guessing there may also be more than just power wires once you cut them apart so you'd also have to figure out what all of the wires are. If there are only two, it might be fairly straight forward. I guess if they didn't cost you much and you're up for a project, it might be fun to give it a go anyway.
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I've been messing around with LED lights in general for a little while now. Particularly addressable LED pixel lights that are RGB. Anyway, I wanted to point people looking for something new at an idea we have. I'm primarily interested in some conversation on the idea of what we are doing and how it could be used for some crazy lighting displays; Christmas or any event really. Your thoughts and ideas on the lights and their construction would be awesome. You can check them out at https://www.crowdsupply.com/rigado/lumenplay. I presume most of the members of the forum are genuinely interested in lighting displays and I am wonering how our lighting idea meets and doesn't meet what is really needed for these displays. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the lights or what they can do or how than can be modified or controlled differently. Thanks! dynamicstability
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