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  1. Half the lights are still on the house. Blowmolds are down.
  2. Anybody tried creating the empire bunnies into Christmas Bunnies? I would think it would be neat looking, I personally do not have that creative side to me. MAAAAAA, I'm thinking you could or Tomm you could!
  3. Tom, wonderful! I'm so glad you got him! Great work!
  4. Silly duck, Post a picture of the new refinished Empire Prototype Howard!
  5. Mel, Congrats! I really like it! Personally, it probably would scare my dogs! I still want one!
  6. Mel, I like it. The last one I saw was on ebay about a year or so ago and Daffy got it.
  7. If you get in contact with Mel he made a blowmold CD with most of the companies. He may still have some left.
  8. Yes, they did. I don't have a picture of my 4th July display or I'd post it.
  9. I would consider most of us blowmolder hardcore collectors. If I want a blowmold, I will get it. To think 4 years my mom paid 250+shipping for a Taz...now they sell for hardly 100. Oh well! I have and its the only one in town! So I'm a happy camper! I don't get discourage for any price that I've paid or underpaid. More then half of my blowmolds I think I bought for great prices, especially the union molds! I know this beautiful mold will never see the outside again!
  10. Thomas, I love the bunny! He looks so much happier at your house then my cold attic!
  11. I need one too if anyone has a spare as well!
  12. I'd sell mine for $500! Heck, I've never seen one episode of the series!
  13. My donkey outta be here Monday or Tuesday!
  14. Hey now, I'm thinking the roof possibly this year...or inside! HA! You know my blue coat clown snowman has never seen the outside or my father Christmas since I've acquired them, maybe I outta change that this year!
  15. CONGRATS! He is a very nice Santa to have! Mines still better, so there! HAHA
  16. Me being a self proclaimed shopaholic and impluse buyer, I would of bought it! 2 is always better then 1!
  17. Gary, do you have pictures of where your molds are stored? I would think it would be a small little blowmold factory. I thought you posted a few several months ago, but never located them, I could be wrong! Thanks!
  18. Oh, how I love mine. Thanks again, Tom!
  19. I have the union pumpkin post....PM if interested.
  20. 50.00 buy it now. It was listed under plastic stooges lawn decor
  21. I hope they go on sale...I want 10...I should be happy with the two I have...but I'm not!
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