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    the night before Christmas
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    Altamont IL
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    I am 15 years young I started putting lights on my house about 4 years ago ever since then my display has gotten bigger. I plan to start buying light o rama next year.
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    I would like to become an electrician.
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    MY display has about 2,000 Christmas light you can come and see.

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  1. yes we could just sit back and enjoy, we like to know/see how many hearts and familys have stoped and seen our light that we put up for them to come and enjoy as well
  2. you could get those hooks that u peal the back off and stick those anywhere u need them
  3. if anyone in Illinois has any light they do not want I will take them. thanks
  4. in your pictures at the front of your yard those poles with the globe at the top how did u make them
  5. how do you get all of the detail in all of the cutouts? did u just search each one?
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