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  1. Howdy Frank, I have a question that I'm sure you can answer: I want to add some pixels to my show this year. Specifically, I want to flash messages, introduce each song in my play list, and have images showing during the songs such as snowflakes, elves,etc. So, LOR has their own package deal now, but I really don't know where to start. Can you help bring me in to the light? Also, would I use smart pixels or dumb, or something else?

  2. I always start mine the Saturday after Thankgiving.
  3. On the second floor towards the front, I would use a telescoping ladder. On the second floor on the apex of the first floor I would use this ladder: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Werner-17-ft-Aluminum-Telescoping-Multi-Ladder-with-300-lb-Load-Capacity-Type-IA-Duty-Rating-MT-17/100658952 You can set the lenth of each side differently. I bought one of these years ago (when they were only $100) and have used it on the roof without any problems.
  4. I do the same thing, count cars by use of the security cameras. I select a different charity each year and they like to know how many cars came by to see the display. I'm thinking about putting some sort of light trip counter that only counts the cars going by during the hours of the display. I may do both this year and see how the totals come out.
  5. Nice job! I really like the tree roots.
  6. That should work. You will need to do what sk8erkid said above. Make sure your volume on the Mr. christmas is turned all the way down when you hook it up, you don't want to blow the recevier amp in the FM transmitter. Once verything is connected slowly turn the volume up to no more that 25%. Let the FM transmitter do the rest.
  7. But the OP was asking about occupation, bio, etc. You can't change those there.
  8. Here is a good web-site to determine what frequence might be available for you to broadcast on in your area. http://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/vacant
  9. You can't edit your past info there. I've tried.... can you?
  10. After opening two tickets in support and not getting any answers, I had to close my account and open a new one. I had changed my web-site and had no way of updating it when under "past info"
  11. Thanks, I was planning on heading over there today. I'll take this with me.
  12. My nephew has one of these. The range is very limited. Won't even transmit outside of the car, if he opens the car door he gets about 20 foot range max.
  13. I picked up some plasti-dip spray at home depot last night. I won't get a chance to spray the wire until this weekend. I'll give an update then.
  14. Excellent suggestion. I've used that stuff before in a can, didn't know they made it in a spray. I'll pick up some tomorrow and give it a try. Thanks!
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