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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family
  2. I have about 60% of my display up the neighbors already thought I was nuts before oh well better then trying to cram it all in in three days around Thanksgiving
  3. Personally I just use a cheap pair of outdoor speakers that I hide in the bushes
  4. Ya about an hour ago I was looking for some from there also oh well Ill figure something else out
  5. Ken your aces in my book have been helping me since I started here. With that being said I would love a copy due to my kids hearing and are now dancing to it. I on the other hand am looking for some ear plugs.......
  6. Okay I wasnt planning on doing much for Halloween never seen much point in decorating for one day...................... but now I caught the bug. Does anyone have any Rock and roll songs they would be willing to share like crazy train? I am always willing to share anything I have so if your looking for some Christmas songs shoot me a message and I will see if I have it.
  7. Glad to hear you are doing better. Will be praying for you and your family!
  8. Man you got those cheap jealous.
  9. Nice always good to see someone repair instead of throwing away.
  10. Bill I was just giving you a hard time. Ended up running my LOR controllers in the garage and has increased my footage of wire needed. Bought 250 ft only got me 4 runs and some change so I bought another 500ft got everything ran but two CCP and 4 of ten channels on the arches so will need another 250 min but thinking bout trying to go 500. Wife aggro is getting high first year with LOR and over a grand. Keep telling her I just need a little more.................
  11. 4000 ft of spt wire you say? I'm at 750 ft and will be needing another 500ft from the looks of it. Feel free to send some my way Bill.
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