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  1. Is there some where where I can just buy all of the pieces or do am i going to have to order them all separate.
  2. I just bought a Renard Light conroller from renard plus and all that came was the board what do i do now?
  3. What do you use mount your controllers in and what do you house them in and also what do you use for your plugs do you just use spt2 wire and vampire plugs or do you use an actual plug?
  4. I always get funny looks from people because I'm 15 And putting 3 different colors lights on one tree and Because I'm smart enough to be doing all of this stuff because most people would just cringe to see how much christmas oriented stuff goes on in one day in my life
  5. Well they are not that cheap but if you have a lot of lights to fix here is one I searched in Google Buzz Box to fix christmas lights and this popped up here is the link http://www.creativedecoratinginc.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64&product_id=950
  6. Has anyone made there own outdoor/indoor power distribution panel I want to make one so I do not have to run 25 cords under my garage door. If you could post a picture of yours and show what it looks like and how many plugs and how many amps you can pull off of your panel that would be a big help!
  7. Has anyone done Joy to the world by Whitney Houston with 48 channels or more if you have can I have the scrip because I'm stuck on a part in the song right now and need help!!!!
  8. Where do you buy your linux controllers and I have some questions. 1.what can you control with a linux controller are they ac or dc and how do you hook them up to your computer? 2. what cable do you need to hook up to your light controlling computer? 3. How much do they cost and how many amps can you pull on one controller? 4. And does the controller have 2 power cords or 1?
  9. Ok so I wan't to spend as little money as possible so that i can spend more money on lights. So can anyone tell me how hard it was for them to solder together a diy controller. I have soldered glass before an a pipe once for a water fountain but never a board so can some one help me.
  10. I have to agree I have 16 channels for 16 100 count sets of lights and I have to get a heavier gauge wire to hold the tree back because when the snow came down and covered the tree in the middle of the night one of the guide wires broke and the tree almost tipped over. But I only do half the tree with lights to save money and lights.
  11. No I got these containers and I mounted all 4 in one box but i'm not home right now so I can't show you what they look like so this is the bin I mounted them in though. This is the one http://www.target.com/p/sterilite-20-gal-latching-tote-set-of-6-gray/-/A-13680081 it will not let me add the picture so here is the link.
  12. Has anyone ever made a Smaller version of the Holdman star to put on to of there a mega tree if you did can you show me a pic and give me some measurements?
  13. Thank you so much and yes I have high power heat sinks and I will have them maxed out because of all of my c7 that i have but thank you so much Lighting up Paxton.
  14. I just soldered together 4 light o Rama controllers and have attached all of the cords and mounted 4 back to back in a sterilite bin from target my question is this is my first time so i now nothing are the controllers going to create a lot of heat and should they be vented to outside air or is being in a foot and a half of snow in 10 degree weather good enough.
  15. I have no Idea what to choose I don't want to spend a lot of money and I am only planning on buying 4 controllers so what would be a good one for me?
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