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    the birth of Christ the Saviour
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    i love cakes, christmas and crafts
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    -God<br />-making wedding cakes<br />-christmas
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    I just started last year, I took it over from my father who is very busy with work during decorating season. it had a lot of lights but here in the Netherlands blowmolds/inflatebles are hard to find.

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  1. I live in Rotterdam. The Netherlands and this is my frist time doing a display
  2. Where do you live? There is so much snow i see on the pics, how long has it bin snowing in your area?
  3. Beautifull! Is there snow allready in your area?
  4. wachten op sinterklaas zeker, hier in nederland hetzelfde verhaal alleen hou ik me er nie aan, ik doe het eerder al
  5. hello y'all, i just baught this'm inflatable from the internet, is it from gemmy? the box looks like a gemmy box but it don't say its from gemmy dont know how to post pic, so here's the link: http://www.graysonline.com/retail/XMAS11QQ3-ds/homewares-and-gifts/180cm-santa-snowman-reindeer-christmas-inflatable
  6. i wish i could buy them my friend, but i live in The Netherlands and here there are also more and more leds every year. I do wonder why you're going to switch to all LED. don't you prefer thelook of incandescent lights?
  7. i found a awsome display video at youtube and i think its just georgeous!! If i would know where they lived i would bake them a cake as a thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI_N0nyw0Is
  8. This'm so oldschool! Love it!
  9. i love the look of the traditional incandescent c9 light bulbs and i was wondering since there are more led lights every year if the warm white LEDs are just as bright as the traditional ones. my fear is that in a few years incandescent lights aren't avaiable anymore. maybe someone has a pic of the traditional c9 next to the LED c9 warm white bulbs?
  10. i think its just awsome that you have the tomb of Jesus Christ in your display!
  11. Aren't incandescent christmas lights avaiable in stores anymore?
  12. hello, I live in them Netherlands and I just love to watch christmas decorations on american store websites, now I was wondering, I saw a santa's sleight on ebay with the reindeer and it said it is vintage. now i am on the site of the home depot and it has exactly the same sleight. how's that possible?
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