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  1. Christmas candy! I'm adding the following to my Christmas candies I do during this coming Holiday season. 1 Bag of Pecan halves 1 Bag of Rolo candies Take one of the Pecan halves + one Pecan half broken in two, and lay them side by side. Place one Rolo candy on top of the two pieces, on a piece of parchment paper on plate. Put in Microwave for 30 seconds or less (You may need to experiment here). Watch for first signs Rolo is beginning to melt. Take out and place one small piece of pecan on top and press gently. Now you have a homemade 'Turtle' for a fraction the cost! Way good!
  2. In this case.......food! Some of you may remember a time when Egg Nog could only be found in the stores after Thanksgiving. Now you see it in September. Some of you can remember when you could only find Peppermint Candy Ice Cream at Christmas time. But....can any of you remember back to the old Dark Ages when Rocky Road ice cream only came in the stores at Christmas? Can you believe it? It's true! I don't generally like to see any Christmas traditions disappear, but I can't really fault these changes.
  3. The first skiff of snow fell in the yard yesterday, and was followed by a light dusting on top of that last night. Now I don't like to see it on the roads, but on the rooftops, in the yard, in the surrounding farmlands, and on the nearby mountains.....I'm ready! Our big Maple in the front yard was in full color just a week ago Just one short week, and one cold fall storm later, it has been stripped bare. Last week's Jack-O-lanterns are still looking fairly sharp, but fading fast as well. These things are all part of the traditional Autumn ritual, the things we look so forward to on the road
  4. It was strictly instrumental, and I'm begining to think it may have been 'Percy Faith's Sounds of Christmas' I don't know for sure yet, but Target stores have a disc for $4.99. At that price I can check it out easy. I have a rather vague memory of a Red Poinsettia on the cover of the album which the Percy Faith album has, but for some reason I seem to remember something about the London Philharmonic as well. But............There is also "Living Strings...Sounds of Christmas", also with the red poinsettia on the cover. I am listening to that right now Here http://the-spirit-of-christmas.blogsp
  5. This is gonna be tough, because I can't remember it's name,. It's an all instrumental long playing (LP) album dating back to the early '60s at least, maybe even older? I can't remember if it was a black, gold, or red disc, but remember we had such discs in the folks collection of music then. Of course, I have nothing but the very best Chistmas memories associated with this music. When I think of childhood/teenage Christmas's, that music is still a part of each. I think I would recognize the album cover, but I have been thru some lists featuring albums from that era and have not seen anyth
  6. From what I've seen in your pics, I'm sure that which ever way you go forward, they'll be outstanding!
  7. Great job! Just a little advise tho, as a former crafter doing shows with our birdhouses, we saw some folks warned about duplication of Disney charactors for sale without permission. You can do it for your own use, but you cannot sell, even to friends. Yours look so good I'm sure you'll be asked to do so eventually!
  8. Food! Did I mention food? Well, I'll have more to say on that subject in the Christmas cooking/baking threads, but there are certain things that just go with autumn when it comes to cooking. For instance.......in my house we have wildfowl that begin to show up on the menue starting in October. Wild duck, and wild Geese. Canadian geese to be precise. I can make 'em taste like roast beef! No wild game after taste that have traditionally turned off so many to waterfowl, simply because they never learned how easy it is to do it right. Ever had pheasant and dumplings? We did just a few w
  9. This is his bigger baby brother. 'In his element'
  10. We've always been big on decorating for the Holidays, but we also decorate for the seasonal changes as well, as do many. Of course, my favorite time is Autumn thru Christmas, so much so, that Autumn is really just the start of the countdown until Christmas, and that has become the way we can 'sorta' extend our celebration! We start our countdown the 1st of September. That is when the fall decorations come out, and the house transforms from the ho-hum Summer doldrums to the rich browns, orange, and golds of traditional fall colors. The wife isn't big on decorating with Turkeys fo Thanksgivin
  11. Home depot sells 10' sections of galvanized conduit hard pipe all day long, and they also sell the threaded couplers as well. You can drill 'em or get clamps to hang pullies from to pull up your tree rings or anything else. Best way to go, by far......unless..... Here's a tip for you. Go to local well drillers, they often pull up old used 1" or 1 1/4" galvanized pipe that will serve very well for most projects needeing pipe supports, and it's almost always free!
  12. Passwords are working on other forums I visit.
  13. I have checked the box, but must sign in every time anyway. Why?
  14. Need a good thread about the changing seasons and how each ties into the countdown to Christmas. Saw nothing anywhere on the subject, so here goes. Like many here, I suspect it's hard to stay tuned into Christmas through the hot months of July and August, but let that first hint of cooler temps come on the scene, and that great light that is the Yule season begins to shine a bit brighter at the end of the tunnel. September is the unofficial/official start of my fall season, and that is the start of all good things to me. Living on the Snake river plain in E Idaho, we begin to see the fi
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