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    hanging Christmas ornaments, hearing the stories of all of them
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    im a guy from boise who is big in the tech theater world
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    not sure yet, but ill find out
  1. i agree there cool, but the whole entire show is reflected around the mover's.. not the normal strings... it should be vise versa... but that's just me
  2. see, i come from a background of moving heads to, but it's just a little to much... plus it snow's alot so im thinking no mover's... those light's were really cool and programmed really well, but still... i think it's a little much...
  3. hey everyone, this isnt really christmas related... but i think you will all enjoy this since you have the lighting gene. i was watching americas got talent tonight, and this guy came on. he is pretty crazy... there is 1 part towards the end of his act.. when the lighting designer had a strobe come on about once a second. and what the guy on stage was doing was jumping up in the air, to give the illiousion that he was flying across the stage... it was amazing and honsetly i teared up a little bit (probally because of the meds im on right now) but i figured i would share with you fine people he
  4. Hey everyone. So i am planning on doing a display this year, and i have 6 moving head lights... Would useing the moving heads be too much for a display??? one of the ways i look at it is, people want to come see christmas lights rock out to music, not see concert lights rock out to music (even with the christmas lights)... I would love to use them, but i just really dont know right now... im on the fence... anyway thanks for the help - Jake
  5. no way! that's awesome ill have to check out your display this year
  6. you dont have to do a light o rama light system, you can always do a standard DMX 512 system. it's way cheaper and alot better.
  7. Hello all! my name is jake and im new on here, just thought i would take this time to introduce myself and what not. i live in boise idaho, i work at a sport's arena and a performing arts center doing production work for plays/ concerts/ musicals/ hockey games/ basketball games/ you name it. im mostly a light guy but i run the jumbotron at the arena. personally i have a lighting system it consists of 6 moving head lights and a DMX512 system. im looking into getting some backpack dimmers so i can do a hoilday display this year. but im not sure right now. anyway that's a little about me
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