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    Christmas Vacation! lol
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    Rhode Island
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    Born and raised in Rhode Island. I work construction for a major Northeast utility company. And I think I have a "slight" christmas decorating addiction! hahaha
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    hanging out with friends and family,traveling,playing golf,and of course christmas decorating!
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    I work for a major Northeast utility company
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    I've been doing "static" displays since I was a kid. But 2013 will be my first year of incorperating annimation.

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  1. Great job Joe! I've been by your display before and I must say, driving down your street at night and coming upon the wrapped trees really has quite a "WOW" effect..... Love all the blowmolds too!
  2. Great score indeed! They definetly lost money on that sale. A good friend of mine that has worked in retail for several chain stores once told me, that at 75% off the store is " breaking even". Anything lower than that and they are loosing money.
  3. Thanks! And to believe I actually left some behind......what was I thinking!?! LOL. I look forward to the sales just as much as I look forward to setting up my display every year.
  4. Nope, it's definetly not just you! Hahaha. I'm sure that most of the members here have a few pics like this to show. just to see the looks on my neighbors faces when I start unloading my finds is priceless! You would think they might be used to it by now!
  5. The Lowes in my area went to 75% off on the 31st. So I was able to grab a "few" sets! LOL
  6. I was hopping to keep everything up and lit until the 31st. But with a snowstorm in the forecast for the end of the week, it's looking like tomorrow will be the day I start taking things down. But on a bright side, I've already started working on projects for next year!
  7. Bill's right, spt 1. Im not sure if they have spt 2 available, at least I didn't see them.
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