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  1. Don't know what color green you are looking for but harbor freight has some and a lot on ebay.But they all seem to be the same color green.
  2. You could skip the sleeves just go back and forth with the light string the length you need and zip tie the cord and then zip tie it whatever you use for your arch.Then if any go bad jut cut the zip ties and replace it.
  3. brutale


    yes this is what i'm having problems with!It is much easier to make the mega trees and arches and other props as to drawing them individually in the one in the sequence editor. Sorry not explaining myself very well.Just trying to set up a visualizer for christmas and halloween for the different props and be able to start working on music for this year only did a spiral mega tree this year so i'm trying to expand and i need to see what i'm doing I think i'm getting this.So i have to retype all the channels into the the sequence editor after i have set them up in the separate visualizer s
  4. brutale


    In the visualizer you set up all the channels to what they control and when to the sequence editor how do you get the channels there and when you make a sequence you go to view and it asks for a pic.I've tried to look for all the visualizer tutorial but can't find anything that is helping me. I am running the latest version of lor. Ok i've watched the video #3 and yes it does cover the visualizer but he did it not through the visualizer but through the sequence editor and had to draw everything by hand. thanks for the help so far maybe i'm just not getting something?
  5. brutale


    i was able to use visualizer to put in a pic of my house and add mega and mini trees and other assorted lights but can't figure out how it goes into sequencing?Looked at a bunch of tutorials but nothing has shown me that and I need to see thing i can't picture them. Thanks for any help Jeff
  6. get the spreadsheet it will help a lot it did for me.my frist try turned out very well 15' with 10' base and 32 strands dam it was bright!
  7. you could do something like close encounters of the 3rd kind!
  8. juicedss juicedss were the fiber optic ornament on sale just bought 1 of the 21" and 1 27" they look good at night would get a couple more if they are on sale.
  9. this will help with the spacing. The base i drove stakes in the ground in a 10 ft dia for my 15ft tree and attached the cable to them.
  10. http://www.holiday-light-express.com/ They have what you are looking for!
  11. Anyone have sequences for a 32 channel spiral mega tree they could share would be very much appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  12. Go to tools and click on channel configuration that will bring up all of them any you can edit easier.hope this helps
  13. Got mine today ordered monday very fast.Too bad the lights were wrong on my star(not from holiday lights) was hoping to get the mega tree under way but got the house outlined insted.
  14. I'm new and have not see this before.I would have been in if i had seen it i will look for it next year.
  15. Very new to this would love to see a video and pics of jack in action!
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