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  1. I got a huge score at Home Depot yesterday evening. It seems our recent snow storm has slowed everyone else down. They had TONS, and after filling my trunk and backseat, I had to stop and left lots behind. Tomorrow is another day, however!
  2. A friend, who enjoys our outdoor display sent this to me. Thought it was kind of cute!
  3. Hi all, I posted this over on another forum and didn't get any response, but could really use some pointers: Clearly I know just enough to make myself dangerous! I have a few strings of those 8 function snowflakes from a few years ago, some of which have partially ceased to function. It occurred to me that instead of tossing them out, that I could possibly cut them into individual snowflakes, put a plug on them and use them as toppers for my mini trees. So, tonight I did just that, and plugged one in and HOLY H. E. double hockey sticks, it was BRIGHT. and I don't mean just sorta bright
  4. Hi all, still a newb here, and would love to know about other folks' displays in the area, so we can check out your display. We're in Evanston, very near to Northwestern University. Best, Jim
  5. I use 8 of these controllers for my mini trees and 10' mini-mega tree. They provide just enough movement in my otherwise static display and create some very nice patterns. Several people have knocked on the door in the past and asked how they could hear the music that we were sequenced to.
  6. I use this doo-hickey to get icecicle lights up on my second story. http://www.homedepot.com/p/St-Nick-s-Choice-No-Ladder-Gutter-or-Shingle-Light-Hanging-Kit-98300-312-THD/202520993?cm_mmc=shopping-_-googleads-_-pla-_-202520993&skwcid&kwd=&ci_sku=202520993&ci_kw=&ci_gpa=pla&ci_src=17588969#.UoK8eI2oUY0 Here's a video i found demonstrating it.
  7. I've been looking for these candles for years, and wasn't sure what they were called until I found you nice folks here at Planet Christmas who let me know I was looking for Empire Poinsettia Imprint c1968. My dad had a pair of these, God rest his soul, and now I do too.
  8. I aim for Thanksgiving night, and if I don't, the neighbors are knocking on the door and asking when we're lighting up!
  9. If you have a Garden Ridge store in your area (big box home decor) they have a great HUGE snowman and Santa. www.gardenridge.com
  10. Hi Tom, Welcome! I'm a newbie as well, from Chicago. I've found this to be a very helpful forum with lots of Christmas decorating nuts. Your airblowns look great. Fantastic composition. Best, ChicagoChristmasJim
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. We started the inside decorations this weekend. We do 5 full-sized trees and lots more smaller ones, so we've gotten a start. If all goes according to schedule, we'll be done inside the weekend before thanksgiving and then we'll do the outside lights so they're ready for Thanksgiving night. My neighbor caught sight of the tree in the front window and just shook his head at me while I was out with the dogs. I love being the crazy christmas light guy! Ho ho ho!
  12. Hi guys and gals, Just wanted to actually introduce myself after lurking for a couple of months. I'm Jim from Evanston, Illinois (suburb of Chicago.) I'm a theatre producer by day and Christmas light crazy person in my free time. We have a 12k static display (actually we use 5 of the 8function/3channel units to flash/chase/fade my 15 mini trees.) I've begun the process of exploring the possibilty of converting my display over to LOR. I've got a background in theatrical lighting design, so the concept isn't really that foreign to me. Now all I have to do is convince my partner that
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