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    My other hobbies include: SCUBA diving, underwater photography, Tantrix (online game) and Linedancing.
  1. Chris, Heat shrink tubing is readily available from both DSE & Tandy. Also Jaycar, and any other electronic dealer. It only needs a relatively low temp to melt and shrink it. You could use the side of your soldering iron, a heat gun/hairdryer, or even a cigarette lighter. LOR is only available from the states. I use DIY stuff, but from others here in OZ that I've chatted with, the way to go is the kit form, then add our cables. There is an Aussie LOR user group. PM me if you want details. Cheers Dave
  2. Finnegan, That sequence uses about 75-80 channels. Final number is in flux as I find more things in the garage to add to it. I have 128 channels available. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi All, Here's a preview of one of my sequences as displayed in Vixen. Cheers Dave
  4. oldcqr wrote: you missed this one to go in 3rd spot....:shock: 1W 2W 3R 4R 5R 6R 7W 8W
  5. I use SonicFoundry's 'Vegas'. The company was bought out by Sony. It is Primarily for Video editing but works great with audio as well. It is not free, however it is an excellent performer. Cheers Dave
  6. oldcqr wrote: 'Inverted Whirling Dervish' (8) Same as above except start with all lights ON and rotate a wedge (or 2) in the OFF. All lights lit EXCEPT one wedge. .2345678 - 1.345678 - 12.45678 - 123.5678 - 1234.678 - 12345.78 - 123456.8 - 1234567. Similar principle can be applied to most of the patterns. Cheers Dave
  7. We had lots of shopping centres decorated with these last year, hanging from high roofs and columns.
  8. Sean, The latest release on the webpage is 0.95.5. Looking in the 'Release information' topic KC says '.....1.0 is actually 0.95.5 as it was, the only thing that changed was the version number.' He also says it will be updated on the site, but I guess he just got side tracked. I read about the 1.1 Alpha and would love to get on the trial list too. Seems like a lot of us have spare PC's.:] On a different note, my user account is still INACTIVE on the site.:? When I try to login, I just get a blank page. If I click on 'Forgot password' I get 'Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information' If anyone can contact the admin for me to get my account activated, it would be greatly appreciated. Username: lytnin Cheers Dave
  9. Hi Sean& Ron, I have comet and have a few sequences in it. I downloaded and installed 0.95.5 last night, and transferred one of my sequences across. There is a small issue which I'm sure KC will rectify easily before I transfer the rest of them. When my authorization to post on the Vixen forum comes through I'll post details there. (lytnin) Cheers Dave.
  10. Hi Greg, You'll probably want to bend the bottom corners of the hangers up, to make a 'W' looking hanger so that the cords don't just slide off the hanger. Cheers Dave
  11. Jeff, how long a track are you after? I have a few very short ones (5-10 secs). Whats your preferred format WAV/MP3 ? Dave
  12. Hi Tammylee, Great to see more of us from Down Under.:]
  13. Damien, Glad you liked the star. It was done in a pretty huge rush when the original star was damaged in some high winds, so I had to use what I had on hand. If you know of somewhere that has the clips please let me know as I'll definitely be needing some. Feel free to copy it. BTW, what state is Curra in? Cheers Dave
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