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  1. I felt that way last year. Hope this will lift your spirits. Play these vintage Christmas Albums, while looking at these old scenes from the past below. This always helps me. This reminds me of the happy childhood memories of seeing these decorations and hearing this type of music playing in the malls and stores. By the way, make some hot chocolate too.
  2. Home Depot has them and other sites on the internet. The only problem ordering online is the shipping cost. Home Depot sells them under the Westinghouse brand name. They cost $6.77 each. Personally, I would buy a cheap small 6-12 ft extension cord at Walmart (Approx $1-$3) and cut the outlet end off, then strip the wires and attach. Just attach wires where the screws on the sockets are located. Home Depot has the Leviton Lamp Sockets too. Leviton 3352-4 $3.24 each Leviton 3352-f $4.58 each Leviton 2052-13 $8.03 each You might be able to find the sockets cheaper online or at Amazon with free shipping.
  3. Satco 80-1093 (These only have wires coming out of them. No plug) NationalArtCraft.com has them with cord and plugs on them. If you are looking for a medium base socket with spring clips, Lowes has one.
  4. Here are some replacement sockets made by Leviton. You would have to attach the plug/cords to them. 1) Leviton 2052-13 (Blow Mold "Figures") 2) Leviton 3352-F (Blow Mold "Noel Candles" & "Lamp Post") 3) Leviton 3352-4 (Blow Mold "Figures")
  5. True. I guess I'll have to give up my plans, now that you have brought me back to sanity. I was going to call myself "The Blow Mold Bandit" and wear a Santa Claus disguise. My gun was going to be painted red and white like a candy cane. Ho, Ho, Ho this is a stickup! Santa needs some new molds!
  6. Don't be so sad Ted. I'm already plotting my life of crime. This will be my new hobby to support my old hobby. Now let's see, how many Shell Gas Stations will it take to get some Polorons this week. LOL!
  7. LOL! Dang it! I just checked my bank account and I only have $999,999.50. I'll go check between the seats in my truck. LOL! It's the new lottery, Richard. Blow Molding for Dollars! Funny but sad at the same time.
  8. It makes me glad to see the younger generation, like yourself, share the same love for blow molds that the rest of us do. Don't give up hope yet.
  9. Hey Big J, I just had to share some information after reading your post. You are 100% correct about the paint and Quality Control issues. The last 2 "Red Lamp Posts" I bought from GFP 3 years ago had problems. The red base of the "Lamp Posts" started losing their red pigment color, after only two Christmas seasons. The red color pigment in the plastic started to fade out. The plastic was turning back into a milk jug looking color. I can't understand why the sun was destroying the "Red Lamp Post Base". My thoughts are that some sort of Government Environmental Regulation has changed the chemicals/processes in the manufacturing. I had to get a can of red spray paint for plastic and fix them. You shouldn't have to paint over colored plastic like that. Just look at all the old "Red Lamp Posts", that Empire made 40 plus years ago, on Ebay. You don't see the red pigment completely faded out of them. This same issue is happening to one of my Large Street Pole (Municipal) Red Lanterns I bought about 5 years ago from GP Designs. Since this is happening at both company's, then everything points to some kind of change to the process. I had often wondered, if some sort of Government EPA regulations had caused GFP to change their paint too. The new type of paints may not hold as well as the old style did. This would explain why the new paint was so thick on the plastic. Either way, the quality was going down for several years. I wish another company would buy the molds and bring them back with better quality. Although I'm trying to stay optimistic, in my heart I feel this is the end of our beloved vintage blow molds. Allen
  10. Thanks Mel, for saying what you did. You said the exact things I felt inside, but just didn't want to post them here. Some people may like them but to me they look like ugly flat jello molds. There is nothing magical or happy about them. It's like going to the store to buy a Christmas Tree and coming home with a cardboard print cut-out instead. I do hope the vintage aluminum molds will be saved. Allen Agree 100% with you Donna!
  11. Oh look, just what I'd been hoping for all my life! A faded Angel that needs repainting for $69.99 and free shipping too! Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! I hope I can contain my excitement! Stuff like that makes me want to laugh my head off! Oh well, some poor idiot out there just might buy it. They say there's a sucker born every minute.
  12. So true, Donna. I too have notice a rise in prices on ebay. Unfortunately, I believe this is just the sad beginning of things to come.
  13. Very sad news. I'm so glad I have my molds and will pamper them even more now that this has happened. You can look forward to the price of molds on ebay skyrocketing. Better get what you want from GFP and ebay, while you can still afford it. I wouldn't be surprised, if some China company buys the molds and then redesigns them to put crappy solar lights in them that only last for two hours and gives them that ugly bluish light look. My greatest fear is that the molds will be thrown away or sold to collectors that will never produce them again. I hate saying this, but I feel that we Christmas loving blow molders are a dying breed of people. It is true that there are some new lovers, but the truth is that a large majority of people in our country have been losing the Christmas spirit for many years. Just look at how many neighborhoods and homes are dark at Christmas across our land. Many cities and towns hardly put anything up. These things started a long time ago and just continues to get worse as the years roll on. Most Americans seemed happier and optimistic back in the 1950s, 60's , 70's, & 80's than today. I hope America finds its happiness again someday. No matter what happens, I'll keep putting my stuff up and hope the younger people will see what Christmas was once like in America. I need to just shut up, because talking about this brings me down. To all my fellow Christmas blow molders, I say keep the joy alive in your hearts and on your lawns and never let it die. Now I need to go look at my molds to lift my spirits back up again.
  14. I would like to see the pictures too. Thanks, Allen
  15. Try this: http://www.genfoam.com/ Falcon has it correct, but I'm not sure why it goes to a dead 404 page.
  16. I did order my GF Snowman from them. I had to place my order by phone. Their website is not user friendly, when it comes to placing an order online. The Snowman arrived in his box with no problems. I plan to order from them again. You might want to give them a call, to see what they have available. Allen
  17. Oh man, I know you been looking for that lollipop. Don't give up. I'll keep my eyes open for this blow mold and let you know if I ever see one. That is a hard one to find.
  18. Thanks! I like the flashing effect too. I bet your mother's tree was great! The only thing I need now, is the 1968 Jewelbrite ornaments my parents had. These ornaments went with the 1968 Jewelbrite tree topper. There are some on ebay. Allen
  19. Well, I could not take it anymore. You made me want those vintage petal flower lights I grew up with. LOL! I bought 7 brand new boxes of multi color petal flower Christmas light strings. They were unused/unopened boxes from 1980. Each box has 50 petal lights, for a total of 350 lights. These should look great, with the 1968 vintage Jewelbrite angel tree topper I have. Way old-school. I know it's sad, but I'm already planning for next Christmas. LOL! Here is what the boxes look like, and how they look like lit up:
  20. Wow! I love your Santa House you built. The snow on the roof is great. It has that nostalgic feel to it that I remember as a child in the 1970's. Thank you for sharing those pictures. Allen
  21. I'm going to guess that Poloron made it. They made 3 Dimensional wall and door plaques like that.
  22. (You: "The price is what!!!!?") ( Them: "Don't worry, I have a 6 month no interest payment plan.") Seems really high to me too.
  23. These pictures came from ebay, because my decorations are packed away. The early 1960's sleigh was my Grandmothers and the 1968 Jewelbrite Cathedral tree topper was my parents. The early 1970's ceramic Santa boots were my parents too. My Mother gave all of them to me years ago. This should give you some idea of how my house looks inside at Christmas. Many people today would consider my Christmas decorations tacky and behind the times, but I really don't care. I like the look and feel of the nostalgic decorations that I grew up with. I don't want my Christmas tree and house to look like a fancy hotel lobby. To me, Christmas decorations should bring back happy childhood memories and not whether your tree and decorations match your living room decor. LOL!!!! Here are the pictures.
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