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  1. OK I'm using LED'S , I have a AMP/WATT tester. The AMP'S being drawn are 00.3. Just using the male end ,Wouldn't you think the fuses would blow b/4 the wire got to hot to melt and electrocuted someone? I understand your concern gmac..But now I'm wondering why some say it's ok...and you say it's not... I don't see my factory x-mas light wires causing any problems, What would the difference be between extension cord and connecting them to the same thing right ? different wire sizes... Why couldn't a person just use a old strand for a cord??SORRY I'M JUST TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THIS ?????????????
  2. Thank you for your answer , I didn't know if that would work or not, I'm in the same boat ,just two more to go THANKS AGAIN
  3. Question....I use sp2 wire, has anyone ever used the plugs off of old nonworking x-mas lights by soldering them then putting heat shrink tape on them instead of vampire plugs when you in a pinch. Then the sp2 wire would be fused to....Would this work?????
  4. First Alert.......I've got some and the work great ,even in sub-zero temps for the last three years
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