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  1. Well... my 20 will go out in the yard. here's how I did mine at my mega-tree
  2. EDIT: Rod... here's his email: rstublen (at) comcast.net He'll be glad to share his creativity with you.
  3. Rod... just as an fyi: Robin is http://www.ridgeharborlights.com Feel free to send him an email through his website. He's an expert in wireframes and coro's.
  4. Chris in Ct wrote: It's illegal if it goes 200 feet past the antenna.
  5. Par cans work well for flooding out an area. The power comsumption with a 1k light is remarkable. It take a hefty power cord & source to run those suckers.
  6. Robin has some wonderful coroplast displays: http://www.ridgeharborchristmas.com/. Also... can't forget Marty Slack: http://www.christmasutah.com/
  7. Action lighting or creative displays.
  8. thyno z wrote: Thyno... I remember that oil thing too. Looks like we're still burning it and plenty left. EDIT: I guess all of the snow the US is experiencing is due to global warming? We had the worst ice storm in years Thursday. http://www.wxii12.com/slideshow/slideshows/15193386/detail.html
  9. Out of 55-thousand incandescent lights, my total bill was 146.58. I'm 100% animated and run four colors. Turned them on the Friday after Thanksgiving, turned them off New Year's night. How much was that attributed to lights, about 45-50 dollars. LED's look great but incandescents seem to be working for me for a fraction of the cost.
  10. JED wrote: Robin has produced high quality wireframes and coro cutouts. I only wish I had his talent.
  11. If Robin hadn't been kicked-off of PC, he has great ideas on how to mount coro's. I believe Robinand Marty are the coro kings in this community.
  12. I just sent Greg an email to see how far along he is. Just plain curiosity.
  13. jfelix wrote: Now that's what I call a discount!:laughing:
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