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  • My favorite Christmas story
    The first year my wife and I lived together, We had so many gifts that our apartment was filled with paper and boxes.
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    Madison, WI.
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    I go overboard on my lights. I spend a lot of time making them look uniform.
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    Cars, Motorcycles, Guns and my family.
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    Parts Profesional
  • About my display
    I like to make it very uniform. I always do one color, CLEAR. I'm not a fan of multi-colored displays.
  1. chedched

    C7 Mounting

    I like this idea but I may take it a step further. I'm thinking of starting with 1 1/4 inch pvc and cutting some off. Picture a channel in a "U" shape. I'm thinking I can slide the base into the inside and leave the bulb exposed. The tricky part will be cutting the right amount off. Anyone ever seen this done?
  2. chedched

    C7 Mounting

    Can you enlighten me on this?
  3. chedched

    C7 Mounting

    I like the idea of these but really like the one clip per bulb method. Gives it a nicer finished appearance.
  4. chedched

    C7 Mounting

    I don't understand how those attach. Any insight on this? Any pics?
  5. chedched

    C7 Mounting

    Hi all. I've been decorating for about 5 years with my C7s along my gutters. I like the look of the bigger bulbs but can's stand when they are out of place. I've been using plastic clips sold at Menards for years. They are now discontinued so I'm looking for something more permanent. So my questions are: What are you using? How long does it last? How can I achieve the organized/uniform look? Thanks to everyone for looking ad I hope to get some great input.
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