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  1. Yes, you've done very very well. Good luck with the setup.
  2. Hey westislip sauronthepowerful has a question for you. Three Saturdays ago I bought a couple of pieces from Johnny and then trucked it across state lines to West Islip and bought 5 small choir figures and a Union angel later that afternoon. Any chance that was you I purchased them from????
  3. Johnny......want to take a road trip to Abington, Ma. It's about a two hour swing north of me but hot damn that store looks sweet.
  4. Wow. Are they guarding your house or you're entire town. I'm planning on doing the same motif but in a side to side perimeter encirclement, just hope they remain secure.
  5. Wow. I actually bought a set of Poloron Carole's off eBay for local pickup by a guy up in Abington. Wish I knew this place was in our universe when I had made that trek.
  6. I went and spoke to the owner of this lot. He was good enough to sell me one piece I was looking for. He was nice enough but IMO needs to reconsider his asking price which was well north of 4G. With the return of Union coupled with Walmart and Home Depot starting to restock molds, the exclusivity factor just isn't going to be there for a very long time. I tried to tell him to piece it out on a tiered pricing system but he seems intent to land the big payday. To me, he doesn't have enough rare and hard to find vintage stuff to justify it, but that's my opinion.
  7. Home Depot is selling Blowmolds as well (Noel Candles, Frosty w Blue Scarf, and Preening pointy hat Santa) expensive ($40) but nice to see them back. Unions molds apparently have been bought by Cado Inc. The actual Union factory in Leominster, MA has been bought by a private owner who has excavated all of the industrial equipment and sells the remaining figures at local flea markets.
  8. Any word on this lot and prices? It's been a week and I've heard nothing back. I have a couple of individuals who ae interested in a couple of pieces here as am I. Would be willing possibly to go in with others on this forum as a group buying bloc. Can anybody give me an update as to what's going on here???
  9. I'm just outside of Waterbury Currently I have around 210 molds, all Christmas. My pride and joy are the 8 Large Poloron Carolers and 21 smaller general foam/empire counterparts and the church.
  10. Where do you live? (roundabouts if you're uncomfortable giving too much to the Internet)
  11. I was actually thinking the same thing in terms of buying the lot as a group. I have most of the molds in the pic already but trade with two other collectors who are always looking for duplicates. Maybe we could go in as a three to four person buying team, agreeing beforehand as to who gets what. Personally I have 8 of the featherstone elves already but am looking for one more. I've also been trying to up my elf w mailbox to five from the current three (Santa's mail room motif for the display). I also liked the snowman w the berries in his hat which he has multiples of.
  12. I actually do live in Ct. What is the price on this lot?
  13. I believe there are six new molds this year. In addition to the ones listed above there is a new Santa train with more of a black and gold motif than the classic empire green. There is also a new snowman I believe and one more figure. In other news, Home Depot has decided to once again stock molds this year. They had a 34" Santa w the pointy hat, a snowman w the blue scarf and the Noel candles with the elaborate snow down the face. Hopefully this indicates a return to retro greatness and the beginning of the end of inflatables.
  14. Ok Johnny I'm here. How do I get in contact with this person and where in Ct is he located?
  15. So johnny, how's that snowman workin out. Love the angel we traded.
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