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  1. jlknox11


    That’s a tpi version of the Poloron snowman you can tell from the extra plastic around the shovel. Here is the box
  2. Picked this up over the weekend I was amazed at how heavy it was. He came with his original shovel but the guy threw in an extra since it was getting brittle I’m very happy to add him to my collection! I actually feel better having the holiday innovations model since the Poloron one is kind of brittle due to age!
  3. I have an 8ft inflatable toy soldier($40) by gemmy. Also a 6ft reindeer($30) by gemmy holding a giant candy cane. An 8ft moose holding a present and candy cane.($40) and a 8ft Santa waving holding a hohoho sign. ($40) all work and are by gemmy all have working lights. The price is negotiable. I can ship these. Message me if interested and I can send you pictures.
  4. The choir singers not the Victorian carolers.
  5. I'm looking for a few. Message me.
  6. Message me if interested these do not have light cords. I bought them and never used them. The Shepard is a grand venture. The rest is empire. The child's nativity does have light cords and I'm throwing in an angel they need cleaned they are just dusty though. Like I said for sale or trade. Come with boxes too!
  7. empire I want the set but shipping is awful on the new one.
  8. Anyone got a full set for sale?
  9. Has anyone ever ordered from them? There are some things I'd like to buy but don't know how to order or check out.
  10. Whoever just outbid me on my giant lollipop, you suck.
  11. It was an accidental Craigslist find! I was on here in November looking for an empire school house. Someone told me to find their craigslist add and I found a different one by mistake and the lady was downsizing so I bought all this plus she has stuff reserved.
  12. They are in beautiful condition. The lady washes and bags them every year. And the candy cane with the snowman was made by Santas best. Theres another version that has a seated Santa on top! I'm so happy with all of them!
  13. I picked all this up for $250!
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