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  • My favorite Christmas story
    Decorating the house with my grandparent's and inviting the family over for "lights on" night.
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    Louisville, KY
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    I grew up with my grandparents and we always decorated with blow molds and c9 lights. Eventually I took over the tradition around 7/8 years old and I've been decorating ever since. I currently live in Louisville and city living makes it hard to squeeze a ton of decorations in a tiny yard. During the off season I go to school full-time while working at a pharmacy, in addition to spending time with my better half and our dogs.
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    Computer gaming, landscaping, DIY projects, Halloween and Christmas decorating, traveling.
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    I work at a pharmacy.
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    In the past at my grandparent's farm we go big, with that said, we have about 30-40 inflatables for Halloween and about the same for Christmas. I also like using blow molds, lights and light sculptures. Now that I have a small yard in a subdivision, I pick a theme and try to incorporate 3-4 inflatables and blow molds, playing off the landscaping.

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  1. The HOA board just knocked on our door, we won the decorating contest! Exciting and grateful! This makes two years in a row! Merry Christmas, hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!! Christopher Thank you, can't thank her enough for saving Santa. Haha! Thank you!
  2. Thank you meghann & Billings! I'm so happy to share this news, our friend was able to repair all three inflatables. The reindeer was sad, he was slashed and ripped from the top of his head down to his neck. Honestly wasn't sure he would be salvageable and still look good. He's as good as new, if not better! Christmas is saved! Hope everyone has a great, safe holiday!!
  3. While it was and still is upsetting, we're not giving in to disrespectful, mindless people. We have a good friend who is a great seamstress and is gonna try her best to repair them. Two of them aren't slashed terribly but the reindeer has about a 2ft gash in his head. I can't help but call him franken-deer for now. Haha! The neighbors have shown support, we filed a police report and the HOA has been made aware. Time to get the yard back to normal and enjoy the last couple weeks of my favorite time of the year. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. We've purchased some surveillance stuff in hopes to deter anyone from stepping foot in our yard. Unfortunately the contest judging isn't until the 22nd or 23rd and that has crossed my mind but we have a friendly community. I honestly think some punk kids were trolling the neighborhood and happened to see the inflatables (they should have been off, darn timer). I don't think it was a planned attack. Will post a pic once we're back up and running! Merry Christmas and thanks again for the support!!
  4. It saddens me to say this, but our display was vandalized last night. Our inflatables were slashed and one might not be repairable. It only takes a few punk kids to dampen the spirits of others. I don't wanna give in, but I will not be putting out any inflatables to replace the damaged. I'm slightly considering putting away the molds as well. This is my third year in the subdivision and haven't had an issue. Last night, my timer failed me and the lights didn't shut off, most likely they were out trolling for trouble. Hopefully the HOA can help make the neighborhood safer and hopefully no other houses are harmed. I'm glad it was able to be on display most of the month and has been a joy to lots of families. Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. Thanks for all the kind compliments! I was tweaking a few things and a car stopped as it was passing; they rolled down the window and snapped a quick photo, you could hear the excitement coming from the kids. That's what makes it all worth it! Hope everyone is having a great season so far!
  6. Finally got around to taking some pics of my display. I wanted to put more molds and inflatables out but I was late getting started. I'm happy with how it turned out! The nativity, gingerbread set, snowman in first pic, lamp post and lolly pop are new additions to my collection. Really hope we win the neighborhood contest! Merry Christmas! Christopher
  7. Great display!! Those lamp posts are awesome!
  8. Awesome display! Molds in the tree, very cool!!
  9. Nice job on the display, looks great!
  10. Nice display, love the gingerbread section!
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